Will the Daisy Jones and The Six cast play a live concert for fans?

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Daisy Jones and The Six has come to a close on Prime Video and there’s already talk of whether this limited series could defy its label in stretch into a sophomore season.

We won’t give away how the adaptation ends just in case you haven’t been able to settle in to watch the finale yet, but we can say it covers the book’s end. So if the series gets picked up for another round, it’d be an entirely fresh jaunt into this universe.

That’s not unheard of for a limited series and there is a desire for more from the team behind the show and fans alike, so never say never. You also shouldn’t say never about the Daisy Jones and The Six cast getting together to play just like they do in the show. Besides a desire for a second season, there’s been a clamoring for the ability to see the band in real life.

We’re not alone in this want because those involved with the show have been talking about it seriously and in multiple interviews at that.

The Daisy Jones and The Six cast are open to playing a live concert

Catching up with the cast and creators at SxSW, Deadline reports Josh Whitehouse, Sam Claflin, and Sebastian Chacon all agreed that they’d love to hit the stage together. The big issue is scheduling.

Creator Scott Neustadter had the following to say about it:

"If we can figure out a time in which everybody is together. I think they absolutely would love to do it…certainly some performances would be so fun…it’s gonna be hard to figure out the right time but I hope we find it because it would be great."

The keyword being performances. A full blown tour likely wouldn’t be possible, especially since Suki Waterhouse has her own music that she’s promoting, but perhaps the band can come together for a handful of shows since they sincerely do make incredible music together. They could call it a “comeback” like Riley Keough teased during SxSW. We’ll have to wait and see.

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