Peter Pan and Wendy age rating: Is the movie appropriate for kids?

Peter Pan & Wendy. Image courtesy Disney. © 2020 Disney. All Rights Reserved.
Peter Pan & Wendy. Image courtesy Disney. © 2020 Disney. All Rights Reserved. /

Get ready to fly this Apr. 28! The fantasy adventure live-action adaptation about the boy who never grows up is coming to streaming service, Disney+. Peter Pan and Wendy (stylized Peter Pan & Wendy) marks Disney’s first live-action adaptation of its own 1953 animated film, Peter Pan.

The film is directed by David Lowery, who has been attached to the project since 2016 from a script he co-wrote with Toby Halbrooks. The film is produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Jim Whitaker of Whitaker Entertainment, and Roth/Kirschenbaum Films.

The film stars Alexander Molony as Peter Pan and Ever Anderson as Wendy Darling, an adventurous girl from London who travels with her little brothers John and Michael to Neverland. Jude Law co-stars as Captain Hook, a pirate and Peter’s archenemy.

Yara Shahidi plays Tinker Bell, a fairy who is jealous of Wendy. Joshua Pickering plays John Darling, Wendy’s little brother and Michael’s older brother who travels with them and Peter to Neverland. Jim Gaffigan as Mr. Smee, Captain Hook’s loyal first mate. Molly Parker and Alan Tudyk portray the Darling children’s parents, Mary and George Darling, respectively.

This is a classic fantasy story that will have you nostalgic for the original story and other films that you may have seen when you were young. If you have kids of your own or know any who want to see a new movie, you may be asking yourself if this could be their next watch. Read on to find out for yourself!

Peter Pan and Wendy age rating: Is the movie appropriate for kids?

The MPAA gave Peter Pan and Wendy a PG rating. This means that parental guidance is suggested for thematic elements of violence and peril.

The movie is centered around Wendy Darling, a young girl who is afraid to leave her childhood home behind. Then she meets Peter Pan, a boy who can fly and refuses to grow up and his fairy companion Tinkerbell. Wendy brings along her two younger brothers Michael and John as they travel with Peter to the magical world of Neverland and encounter the evil pirate Captain Hook.

Children are more than welcome to watch the movie on their own even if they may not be familiar with the other iterations of Peter Pan’s story. We can confirm that this movie is made for kids and adults alike who have been waiting to see Disney’s live-action iteration. Are you looking to find out what the movie looks like before you start to stream? Look below for the trailer.

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