Succession season 4 episode 7 “Tailgate Party” review: A shocking twist of fate

A photo from the production of episode 407 of “Succession”. Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2022 HBO. All Rights Reserved.
A photo from the production of episode 407 of “Succession”. Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2022 HBO. All Rights Reserved. /

Are Shiv and Tom reuniting to take down the Roy brothers? Will Matsson continue to cause chaos for Roman and Kendall? With so little time left in the show, who knows what is next? Below we share our thoughts on the seventh episode of the fourth season of Succession.

The episode begins with Tom bringing a gift and breakfast to Shiv. It’s election eve, and things are ramping up for Tom. The duo are hosting a party tonight, and he mentions that they can tell everyone that they were on a little break and are now back together. He gives her a gift of a scorpion which absolutely confused the hell out of her (and me).

Kendall meets with his ex/the mother of his kids, Rava, who tells him their daughter struggles in school over the election. After she explains what is going down, he gets snippy, asking why she was out and about, to which Rava brings it back to him by saying he isn’t exactly around. The Roy kids sit together to discuss who will speak at the funeral. After the big gathering, Shiv spills the beans to Matsson about what went down and told him he must be at the party tonight.

Tom and Greg sit down with the team at ATN, and after, Tom gives an opening speech and turns it over to Greg, who says a million words leading to him firing the entire group. Shiv mentions to Tom that Matsson is coming to the party, as well as Nate. Tom isn’t thrilled about the latter because he is a former romantic partner of hers. However, Tom says he doesn’t mind as he will put his big boy pants on.

The situation is dire in Succession season 4 episode 7 but a truth about Matsson is revealed

"I like getting laid at a party. – Kendall"

In the middle of the moment of silence for Logan, Matsson arrives at the party and makes a slight commotion. Roman and Kendall are freaking out because he came to the party and they’re wondering why he is there. Logan invited him, but he didn’t RSVP until 4 minutes before arriving (LOL). They agree to stick Shiv on him throughout the night to keep him away from the bigwigs. Tom sees Nate rubbing elbows with Matsson and Shiv, and he isn’t thrilled about it. Moments later, Kendall tells Nate they need him and are ready to shut the deal down.

Shiv pulls Matsson aside to talk about everything going down at the party. But before they return to the party, Shiv wants to know that she is protected if she goes to bat for him and the deal. He tells her that he will think about it. Later, Nate breaks the news that Daniel isn’t going for the deal and follows with, “You are not Logan.” Then, Willa is trying to figure out how she feels about him and Connor living in Oman to take a job, with him having to drop out of the race. She isn’t thrilled one bit but doesn’t have a choice.

Kendall tells Greg to get cozy with Matsson, and he does by telling them that he is good at firing people. However, his senior communicator gets pissed about his actions and storms away. Roman and Kendall take the opportunity to talk to her about him. Within this conversation, they find out that Matsson’s numbers are fluffed. Now they have the ammo they need to shut the deal down.

Of course, after Kendall and Roman tell Shiv the news, she pulls Matsson aside to find out what’s going on. He breaks everything down for her, and it’s all pretty darn sketchy, and Shiv nervously struggles to pick up what he is putting down. Poor Shiv.

Roman heads to talk to Geri, but things don’t go well. She says she is out, and Roman tries to talk her out of it and says the firing wasn’t serious. But she says it’s over, and if he tries to nix all the money coming her way, she will sue and go public with all the pictures he sent her of his genitals. In a fluster of uncertainty, Roman heads to Connor to make sure he is ready to step out of the race, but Willa has talked him out of it. Roman snaps at him and calls him a joke; he retorts with, “One person here that thinks he isn’t a joke, and he will listen to her,” and walks out.

Kendall confronts Matsson, and the two have a massive back and forth, throwing potshots at each other, leading to Matsson giving him an enormous hug. After he leaves, Tom comes over and says he is tired and wants to go because all the chatter is that he will end up on the chopping block. He storms off, leading to Tom and Shiv battling back and forth, which cuts super deep. Holy cow, goosebumps, chills, and, my goodness, two incredible actors going toe to toe in one of the most powerful moments of the season. It ends with Kendall approaching Frank about possibly flipping the script and buying Matsson’s company, and he isn’t exactly opposed to it.

Overall, Tailgate Party opened the floodgates of Matsson not being who they thought he was, Roman falling apart at the seams, and the Shiv/Tom reunion didn’t last long as the two truly hate each other. It was a brilliant episode that only amplified my excitement as we inch closer to the Succession finale.

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Succession season 4, episode 7, is available on HBO and HBO Max now.