The Mother movie review: Jennifer Lopez slays as an assassin

Netflix is bringing a brand new action drama starring Jennifer Lopez in the lead role as an assassin titled The Mother. Can J-Lo continue her hot streak as of late with movies? Below I share my review of the film and let you know if it is worth checking out.

The Mother follows an assassin (Lopez) who comes out of hiding to protect a daughter she left behind earlier in life. The film was directed by Niki Caro and stars Jennifer Lopez, Omari Hardwick, and Academy Award nominee Paul Raci.

The film begins with us meeting a woman (Lopez) who is being interrogated by two men at an FBI safe house. She persists in telling the men it isn’t safe, but they aren’t buying it. One thing leads to another, and gunfire ensues, killing both men. One of the men stabs a pregnant mother (J-Lo) in the stomach, and shortly after, a bomb goes off, killing the bad guys.

At the hospital, an agent tells her that she will have to sign over her baby because she won’t be able to protect it. Although she doesn’t like the decision, she goes to her fellow agent William (Omari Hardwick) and asks him to place her in a good boring home, and if she’s ever in trouble, they must call her. She says a farewell to the baby through the glass, and we fast forward twelve years later. She’s out living in the middle of nowhere until William arrives to make her aware her daughter is in trouble.

Jennifer Lopez plays the perfect assassin in The Mother

One of my favorite things about the film was that they spent the time getting the fight sequences on point. Typically, these types of movies don’t care how the hand-to-hand combat goes down, but the director Niki Caro wisely puts together some great sequences. Another thing Caro did that I loved was not shy away from being ruthless. The kills are gruesome and gory, and you saw every moment of it, which was great. The more blood and guys, the happier I am.

Jennifer Lopez plays an assassin to perfection, but that doesn’t surprise me as she continually shows up in every movie she plays in. Lopez has a range that very few actresses have. From one minute, you are watching her knock out the role in Hustlers (She should’ve won the Oscar for this) to her playing a global icon in Marry Me to this playing a kick assassin. There aren’t many actresses who could do what she does.

Overall, The Mother is good when it’s focused on J-Lo being a badass, but when it tries to be serious, it loses much of the momentum it builds. It’s a hair too long with a run time of nearly two hours, but the action, gruesome kills, and J-Lo make the ride worthy of a watch.

The Mother hits Netflix on May 12, 2023.