Ted Lasso soundtrack: Which songs play in season 3 episode 10, International Break?

Jason Sudeikis in "Ted Lasso," now streaming on Apple TV+.
Jason Sudeikis in "Ted Lasso," now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Guys, how are there only two episodes of Ted Lasso left? I miss it already! One of the things I will miss the most, is the soundtrack. The hit Apple TV+ series never misses when it comes to the music. From classic hits to modern tunes, the Ted Lasso soundtrack has always been so fun.

Did you miss any of the songs that played in season 3 episode 10, titled “International Break”? We’ve got your back! But first, let’s get the spoiler alert out of the way. If you are not caught up on Ted Lasso, please note there are spoilers ahead. Go stream the latest episode on the Apple TV+ streamer before reading ahead. We won’t be diving into details too much, but will cover some big events.

Ted Lasso soundtrack: Season 3 episode 10 song list

Now, this episode does not feature as many songs as other chapters in the series have. But, as always, the songs that do make the cut are always perfect for the scene it is paired with.

  • “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
  • “Done Did Me No Good” by Bahamas
  • “Union Jack” by Big Audio Dynamite
  • “Light (Live)” by Michael Kiwanuka

I would’ve loved a fun song during the scene between Roy and Keeley. Speaking of which,  “International Break” closes out Roy and Keeley’s story. They are back together after Roy learned to let his insecurities go. And who needs Jack? Keeley has her BFF Rebecca to assist!

Now we only need to see what’s next for Rebecca. She wanted a family, it seemed. Rebecca met someone wonderful, but will we ever see this charming man again? Then, of course, there’s Ted. Would you like to see him with someone or simply be happy on his own.

Which of the songs from this Ted Lasso soundtrack will you be adding to your playlist? Remember, there are only two more episodes in the series. The big finale premieres May 31 only on the Apple TV+ platform. Don’t miss it!

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