Bob’s Burgers: Amelia is a testament to powerful ladies

It’s hard to believe Season 13 of Bob’s Burgers is already ending. Thankfully, we have at least two more seasons to look forward to.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. We still have the season finale to discuss, and with an episode title like “Amelia,” it’s unclear who or what this episode will follow. As far as I know, there hasn’t been an Amelia mentioned in the series.

Regardless, it is the show’s season finale so Bob’s Burgers always throws in a surprise or two as the season wraps up. Of course, soon all our questions will be answered so let’s get into the episode.

Before we talk about the episode, there will be spoilers from the Bob’s Burgers episode, “Amelia.” If you haven’t watched, get caught up and share your thoughts on the Season 13 finale.

Here’s what you missed on “Amelia” from Season 13 of Bob’s Burgers.

The episode begins with Louise giving her school project about Amelia Earhart and we find out her teacher assigned them a report on their hero. She immediately starts reading Amelia Earhart’s biography and is disappointed to find out the truth about Amelia Earhart. She ends up, working on her report and has a nightmare about Wayne overtaking her spotlight for his report.

She’s determined to get a better grade to Wayne so he’ll stop talking crap about who she picked as her hero. She decides that she needs to come up with an amazing presentation and tries a few things before deciding on shadow puppets. She ends up getting Benj, the puppet expert to help her and she’s still not sure what she’s doing.

She ends up deciding to make shadow puppets in the restaurant, taking up all of the counter space and even ropes Tina and Gene into helping her. Tina tries to figure out why Louise thinks Amelia Earhart is her hero and Louise ends up even more frustrated including trying to do work on Mother’s Day.

While Linda is getting her Mother’s Day massage, Louise ends up, flipping out over Wayne probably getting a better grade than her. Linda shares some thoughts with Louise about Amelia Earhart’s mother and how heroes are supposed to make you feel bigger which she implies in her report. Her report ends up being incredibly theatrical and the episode ends with a scene of Louise and Linda working on the report together.

“Amelia” proves why the ladies in and out of Bob’s Burgers rule.

With an episode title like “Amelia,” there are only so many places your mind can go and of course, Amelia Earhart is one of them. As awesome as Amelia Earhart was, I feel like Bob’s Burgers took it a step further as it celebrated two incredibly awesome women in the series. Let’s not shortchange Amelia Earhart, though. It was amazing to see Louise put her focus on that topic and to see her do a deep dive into Amelia’s life and its eventual ending.

Aside from the emphasis on Amelia, I really do feel like this episode showed the two strong personalities of Louise and Linda. Louise was so determined and she didn’t let anything deter her which is admirable. It was clear she wasn’t overly happy with her topic yet she made it work. That was in part to Linda who used their connection on Mother’s Day to help Louise out and make her feel valued.

As far as season finales go, “Amelia” was a pretty solid one. My only small qualm is that I would have loved to see more interactions between Louise, Tina, and Linda. I feel like if the episode would have added a bit more Tina, it would have been the ultimate episode for the women of the Belcher family. Regardless, I do feel like Season 13 ended on an amazing note as the episode was fun yet had its heartfelt moments, too.

Even though we won’t get any new Bob’s Burgers episodes until his fall, I’m excited to go back and rewatch some Season 13 episodes. Sometimes, series can tend to take a nose dive after having a feature film come out. For Bob’s Burgers though, it does feel like the opposite has happened as a lot more doors have been opened up, especially for storylines.

Bob’s Burgers will return in fall 2023 for Season 14. 

What did you think? Do you think “Amelia” was a solid way to end Season 13? Did you enjoy Season 13 of Bob’s Burgers?