Grey’s Anatomy cast ages: How old are the actors on the soap?

GREY'S ANATOMY - ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey. (ABC/Mike Rosenthal)
GREY'S ANATOMY - ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey. (ABC/Mike Rosenthal) /

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest running series of all time. At the time of this writing, the soap has aired 420 episodes, and it is showing no signs of slowing down! Grey’s Anatomy put stars Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, and many others on the map. The medical drama continues introducing new talent and powerful stories.

Grey’s Anatomy premiered on ABC in March 2005, quickly gathering a huge fan following and become the network’s most-watch drama. The award-winning series excels in covering timely, hard-hitting topics such as gun violence, diversity, and even acknowledges the pandemic over the course of a season.

Even though the drama is 19 seasons in, it continues to gain new fans and collect nominations and awards. Needless to say, if you’re considering picking up the show, starting from the first season, it’s very much worth it. But do anticipate one emotional ride full of drama, heartbreak, and edge-of-your-seat moments. And if you are already a longtime fan, I’m sure you’re as anxious as we are to see where the soap goes next! That said, how old were the original cast members when season 1 aired? Do you know how old they are today? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! Here are the Grey’s Anatomy cast ages.

How old is Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy?

Today, Ellen Pompeo, the heart of the series, is 53-years-old. During filming for the first season of Grey’s in March 2005, the actress was 35-years-old. Pompeo was less involved in the show’s latest chapter, season 19, but did return in the season 19 finale. However, how much she appears in future seasons has not been decided.

How old is Patrick Dempsey in Grey’s Anatomy?

Four years older than Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey was 39-years-old when the medical drama premiered on ABC. At the time of this writing, the actor is 57-years-old. Dempsey left Grey’s Anatomy in 2015 after 11 seasons.

How old is Sandra Oh in Grey’s Anatomy?

Sandra Oh portrays Cristina Young in the hit ABC series, an easy fan favorite. It’s really too bad that the actress decided to step away, but Oh did find a lot of success after Grey’s. When the show premiered, Oh was 34-years-old, she is now 52-years-old and most recently stars in Killing Eve. 

How old is Chandra Wilson in Grey’s Anatomy?

Chandra Wilson was born on Aug. 27, 1969, which makes the actress 53 years old in June 2023 and a couple months older than co-star Ellen Pompeo. Like Pickens, Wilson remains a main cast member on the series and was 35 when the series premiered in the mid-aughts.

How old is Justin Chambers in Grey’s Anatomy?

You want to talk sad and unexpected departures? Justin Chambers is a big one many fans are still upset about. Chambers portrays Alex Karev, the actor is 52-years-old today, but was 35-years-old when the first season dropped on ABC.

How old is James Pickens Jr. in Grey’s Anatomy?

Along with Ellen Pompeo and Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr. is one of the oldest cast members, and I’m not talking about age! The 68-year-old actor was 51-years-old when Grey’s Anatomy first aired, and the star continues to be a strong force on the show, on and off screen.

How old is T.R. Knight in Grey’s Anatomy?

There was a lot of rumors and controversy surrounding why T.R. Knight left the Grey’s hospital after five seasons in 2009, but it is to this day one of the saddest character exists in the show’s history. When season 1 premiered, Knight 32-years-old. Today, the actor is 50-years-old.

How old is Katherine Heigl in Grey’s Anatomy?

Speaking of controversy surrounding an actor’s departure, Heigl’s leaving Grey’s was a huge deal back in the day. The actress was 27-years-old during filming for the first season, she is 45-years-old in 2023. I know her character gets a lot of hate, but I, for one, would love to see Heigl again as Izzie.

How old is Sara Ramirez in Grey’s Anatomy?

Born on August 1975, Sara Ramirez will soon be 48-years-old. Ramirez, who portrays Callie, joined the main cast in season 3. The actress left the show after 12 seasons in 2016. At the start of the medical drama, Ramirez was 31-years-old. Most recently, you can spot Ramirez in HBO’s And Just Like That. 

How old is Eric Dane in Grey’s Anatomy?

Add Eric Dane’s departure from the series as Mark Sloan to the list of most depressing exits. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when we lost Mark. Now, Dane may not have joined until season 3, at the age of 34, but his performances as Mark is one of the most memorable to date. Today, Dane is 50-years-old.

Grey’s Anatomy is streaming on Netflix and Hulu.

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