Talk To Me movie soundtrack: Which songs play in the horror movie?

Talk to Me, Umbrella Entertainment and A24
Talk to Me, Umbrella Entertainment and A24 /

Talk To Me is the greatest horror movie you’ve seen in a long while — and it comes with an equally haunting soundtrack! If you didn’t catch all the songs that play in the Talk To Me  soundtrack, you’ve come to the right place!

The original music comes from Cornel Wilczek, who you may know as the composer for the Bay of Fires, Clickbait, and Surviving Summer, among others. Wilczek delivers a chilling score to the latest horror feature, and it is well-balanced with popular songs.

Talk To Me soundtrack: List of songs

Here are all the songs that play in A24’s latest horror, Talk To Me: 

  • “Ducks In A Row” by Lucianblomkamp and IJALE
  • “Chandelier” by Sia
  • “My City” by Onefour and The Kid LAROI
  • “Spot the Difference” by Onefour
  • “The Moon Smiled Back at Me” by Sadistik
  • “Have You Ever” by ELGRINDO
  • “Body Bag” by eLVy The God

Which of these songs will you be adding to your playlist? Did you already have most of these on your playlist? Do you have a favorite? I enjoyed listening to “Chandelier” again, I had forgotten what a great song that is.

Now, this may be a horror movie, but, as you can see, most of the songs featured on the soundtrack are party hits. This only adds to the chills! But when it comes to the scares, the original music score enters the scene. The original songs were composed byCornel Wilczek, who also worked on the soundtrack for Clickbait, The Newsreader, Love Me, and others.

Talk To Me is now playing in theaters. Will you be watching it on the big screen or wait for the streaming release? The movie stars Sophie Wilde, Zoe Terakes, Miranda Otto, and Joe Bird among others. Talk to Me is rated R for strong and bloody content, some sexual material, and language throughout.

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