When does Talk To Me come out on streaming? (Release date predictions)

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A24’s Talk To Me released in theaters earlier this summer on July 28, 2023, and it is still playing in theaters. However, the available showtimes have decreased. Is the horror movie’s streaming release date approaching? If so, where will the movie even stream? Here’s everything we know.

Nowadays, as much as we love having multiple streaming services, it’s quite the task keeping up with movie release dates. And let’s not even get started on figuring out where the movie will be going to after theaters. Luckily, we’re here to help! We do all the research so you don’t have to. And if we don’t have all the details, we will update with more as information surfaces.

Where can you stream Talk To Me online after theaters?

To know when a movie will be released on streaming, we need to know where it will land. Why? Because each platform has different rules. Some services, such as Max, typically have movies 45-days after the theater premiere, for example. And so, where will the movie stream? We’re not sure!

A24 has distribution rights to the Australian horror, and, as you may already know, A24 does not have a streaming deal with any platform. Some of their movies go to Max, others are streaming on Hulu, and there are even a couple of A24 films available on Netflix.

When does Talk To Me come out on streaming? (Release date predictions)

Predicting a streaming date is not easy, especially if you don’t even know where the movie will be playing. That said, we are pretty sure Talk To Me will head to VOD and/or streaming by the end of Sept. 2023. If Talk To Me is going to Max, the movie will be streaming there by Sept. 10.

That said, as soon as we learn more details on the streaming release day (as well as a VOD release) we will update this post with the latest!

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