Big Brother 2023: Matt Klotz tattoo, age, Instagram, job and everything to know

Matt Klotz
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A new season of Big Brother is finally upon us! As CBS’s hit series celebrates 25 seasons, 16 new houseguests are getting the chance to leave their mark on the show as they compete for the season’s grand prize.

Among the 16 houseguests looking to win the game and cement their place in the Big Brother history books is contestant Matt Klotz, a man who is no stranger to the spotlight!

Let’s get to know Big Brother 2023 contestant Matt Klotz!

Matt Klotz is a deaf athlete

Matt Klotz is making Big Brother history as the show’s first hearing-impaired contestant, but he’s no stranger to making a splash! Matt is a Deaflympics swimmer who has competed in three Deaflympics and taken home more than a dozen medals at the events.

Matt made his Deaflympics debut at the 2013 summer games in Sofia, Bulgaria where he took home two gold medals and one bronze medal in swimming. He returned to compete in the 2017 games in Samsun, Turkey where he added to his medal collection taking home another three gold medals and a pair of silver medals.

His most recent appearance at a Deaflympics came at the 2022 games in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, where he took home his most medals in a single year winning three gold medals, two silver medals, and four bronze medals!

Through his three Deaflympics appearances, Matt has taken home a total of 17 medals including 8 golds, 4 silver, and 5 bronze medals.

Matt Big Brother tattoo

Matt Klotz’s tattoo has become the topic of much discussion among Big Brother fans due in large part to CBS forcing Matt to cover it in the house. First, let’s get into the question about what his tattoo is.

In a 2015 Instagram post, Matt revealed that he had gotten a new tattoo on his back which featured the Olympic rings and the Deaflympics logo. The tattoo features the iconic Olympic rings logos with the Deaflympics replacing the section of the logo where the black ring typically is placed.

Why is Matt’s tattoo covered up on Big Brother?

Not surprisingly, CBS has not announced the exact reason they’re making Matt cover his tattoo but it speculated that the decision could be due to the logo being copyrighted. The Olympic rings are the exclusive property of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), so it’s possible that CBS had no choice but to have Matt cover the tattoo due to it featuring copyrighted materials.

Now for those who love a good conspiracy theory, some fans online are speculating whether the move is simply because the Olympics air on NBC — which is a competitor of CBS’s — but it seems there is nothing to that rumor.

Matt Klotz age

Matt Klotz was born on May 24, 1996, making him 27 as of 2023. At 27, Matt is one of the younger members of this year’s cast which has contestants ranging from 21 to 63.

Matt Klotz height

While the heights of most Big Brother season 25 contestants were not included in their bio pages, Matt’s athlete page on the LSU website reveals that he is 6’2. So if you find yourself watching the season and wondering about his height, wonder no more as Matt is well over 6 feet tall which makes sense given he’s a swimmer.

Matt Klotz job

Matt Klotz is a Deaflympics gold medalist swimmer, who is actually training for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Matt Klotz Instagram

Already a fan of Matt and want to keep up with him once the game comes to an end? Well, you’re in luck as Matt is on Instagram! As you might expect, Matt’s Instagram is full of posts connected to his swimming career with photos from his various competitions. You can follow Matt Klotz on Instagram here!

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