American Horror Stories season 3 release updates, cast, synopsis and everything to know

AHS - Key Art. CR: FXAmerican Horror Stories season 2
AHS - Key Art. CR: FXAmerican Horror Stories season 2 /

American Horror Stories from FX for Hulu offered fans of the original FX series bite-size tales of horror. Though the stories are hit and miss (with more of the latter), fans tuned in anyway as the series temporarily quenched their thirst for FX’s AHS. There are currently two seasons streaming on Hulu, but will there be a third season? Here are some American Horror Stories season 3 updates.

Unlike the original series, American Horror Story, each episode of Hulu’s American Horror Stories features a different horror story. AHS, on the other hand, focuses on a new story each season (with the exception of American Horror Story: Double Feature). Another significant difference is that the stories and acting are far better in the original than in the spinoff.

Curious about whether or not American Horror Stories is getting another season? We are sharing everything we know (and check back as we’ll be updating this post as more info comes in).

Will there be an American Horror Stories season 3?

Aug. 16 UPDATE: 

Yes! A third season of the horror anthology series has been confirmed.

At the time of this writing, season 3 of the FX for Hulu series has not been confirmed. This doesn’t mean AHStories is canceled, but the fact that a decision has yet to be made is not a good sign. But let’s wait until a confirmation before we panic. Season 1 of the series premiered in July 2021, wrapping up in August 2021. The second season dropped in July 2022 and wrapped in September 2022, so we should have more details by now.

Is there an American Horror Stories season 3 release date yet?

Aug. 25 UPDATE: 

We do have a release date! Season 3 premieres on Hulu on October 26, but there’s a catch! It will only feature four episodes as a Halloween special.

No. Since an official decision about season 3 is not known, a release date is anyone’s guess at this point. The first two seasons premiered in the month of July, but with July 2023 only a week away, it is highly unlikely that season 3 will be here that month. Our best guess, if there is going to be another season, is late 2023 or early 2024.

American Horror Stories season 3 cast

The first two seasons of AHStories features appearances from a few American Horror Story favorites, including Naomi Grossman, John Carrol Lynch, Cody Fern, Billie Lourd, Dylan McDermott, and others. But with this being an anthology series, there’s no telling who will join the cast or cameo. Again, as soon as we learn more, we’ll update this post!

How many episodes are in American Horror Stories season 3?

Aug. 25 UPDATE: 

Season 3 will only feature four episodes, premiering on Oct. 26 as a 4-part Halloween special.

Season 1 features seven episodes, while season 2 gave us an extra episode for a total of eight. That said, I don’t think season 3 will lower the episode count back to seven, the episode total will either be eight or more.

How many seasons of American Horror Stories are there?

At the time of this writing, there are only two seasons of AHStories available to stream. However, the original series has eleven seasons under its belt and counting! All 11 seasons are streaming on Hulu, as well as both seasons of Stories. 

Why is American Horror Stories not on FX?

Stories may be an FX production and spin-off of AHS, but the series was created to stream exclusively on Hulu as part of a business deal between both. And so, you won’t see Stories on FX or any other streaming platform.

Keep checking back as we’ll be updating this post with new information as it comes in.

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