Magnum P.I. and 13 great TV shows to watch on Freevee

MAGNUM P.I. -- Pictured: "Magnum P.I." Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC)
MAGNUM P.I. -- Pictured: "Magnum P.I." Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC) /
Magnum P.I.
MAGNUM P.I. — Photo: Karen Neal/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Prime Video subscribers know of the fantastic deep library of TV shows it has, from new hits to classic series. But it’s overlooked how the Freevee service has its own unique library. Once known as IMDB TV, this offshoot does have ads yet boasts a deep slate of series to binge.

There are some original shows from the service, either developed by them or acquired from abroad. However, there’s also a few shows from various networks that can only be found on Freevee. So from originals to acquired, here are 15 of the best TV shows you can see on Freevee and how it lives up to its name as a fantastic free viewing service.

The best shows on Freevee to watch

1. Magnum P.I.

When Magnum P.I. was canceled by CBS and then picked up by NBC, the first four seasons were removed from Paramount+. Thankfully, they’re coming to Freevee for a great reboot of the 1980s show. Jay Hernandez is tops as the former SEAL turned P.I. in Hawaii, with Perdita Weeks matching him as Higgins. The cases pack in scores of action and a gorgeous Hawaiian setting along with plenty of twists. At least now you can enjoy the first years before the NBC takeover.

2. Leverage/Leverage: Redemption

These two shows are a delight for anyone who wants to see the corrupt rich and powerful get what’s coming to them. The first series ran on TNT for seven seasons, with Timothy Hutton leading a pack of con artists and thieves who steal from corrupt rich folks and give back to their victims. Watching them cook up these con games and how they unfold with delightful characters bouncing about is always a treat.

The sequel series, Redemption, reunites most of the original cast with a few new faces. It shows how these crooks have only grown in power so they need different methods to take them down. However, it’s still fun as they tackle dangerous conspiracies and lead to some great moments. Let these two shows steal more than enough of your time to enjoy some slick heists.

3. Almost Paradise

Christian Kane is well known for his roles in Leverage and The Librarians. He finally steps up to a lead role in this co-production with international TV. He plays a DEA agent forced into early retirement due to a heart condition. He settles on what he thinks is a quiet island, only to find it’s a huge resort. Before long, Kane is pulled into helping the local cops on cases.

Kane is great in the role, getting action sequences but constantly checking his heart rate along the way. The cases are fun and the location top top-notch to be a flighty but great exotic crime show.

4. Jury Duty

With several Emmy nominations under its belt, it’s a good time to catch up on this wild semi-reality comedy series. It looks like a typical trial involving a small claims issue that gets complicated. The big turn appears to be James Marsden pulled into jury duty and his star power distracting people.

Here’s the rub: Except for one juror, everyone involved, from the judge to Marsden, is an actor. Seeing that poor guy carrying on with no idea that this is a hoax is a delight and the payoff in the final episode is terrific. It should be watched to remember the next time you report for jury duty yourself.

5. Bosch: Legacy

Get ready for the upcoming season 2 by catching up on this sequel series to a previous Prime Video hit. Titus Welliver is back as Harry Bosch, now a private eye with Mimi Rogers as his lawyer aide. The first season has Bosch tackling a mystery involving a millionaire while his daughter Maddie joins the LAPD. The dual plotlines are good with the hard-hitting dialogue and action Bosch fans have come to know and love. With a huge cliffhanger and season 2 coming out in October, now’s the time to see the story of Harry Bosch continue to unfold on Freevee.

6. Pretty Hard Cases

This Canadian show is a fun female buddy-cop series. Sam and Kelly are two cops, both rough and tumble, Sam by-the-book, while Kelly is a streetwise gal who follows her gut. While clashing a lot, they become a good team on the streets and bond over fighting the “boys club” of the department and earn more respect. The main joke is that while these two are great cops, their personal lives are a mess. That adds to the fun humor as the two leads pull you in. With the third (and final) season coming later this fall, it’s a good time to hook into this crime caper.

7. Alex Rider

After failing as a movie franchise, the popular YA novel series got new life as a TV show. Otto Farrant is the titular teenager, recruited into British intelligence and balancing school with his life as a globe-trotting spy. The first season had him infiltrating an academy, while the second pits him against a dangerous businessman. The show has some great action and it’s fun seeing this teen protagonist at work. The series is faithful to the books with a few new touches so whether you’re a regular fan or a newbie, this James Bond Jr. will take you on a fun ride.

8. Troppo

If you need a different type of buddy-cop show, this Aussie series is a good pick. Nicole Chamoun is a woman falsely imprisoned for murder, now working as a private eye. Thomas Jane is an ex-cop disgraced by false allegations of attacking a child. Together, they make an unlikely team trying to solve the disappearance of a young girl in the swamps.

The show is good, uses the setting well and Aussie slang, and the two leads are compelling as a pair fighting for redemption and slowly learning to trust each other. The main mystery is handled well but it’s the two characters that make this a standout Aussie crime drama.

9. Sprung

Real life inspired this breezy crime comedy that reunites Saving Hope co-stars Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton. At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, a prison lets out its low-rung convicts to save on housing. Having spent 30 years in jail, Jack (Dillahunt) wants to use this for a fresh start.

However, his decision to room with his cellmate goes awry when the guy’s mom (Plimpton) pulls Jack into working for her criminal enterprise. The trio are soon trying to pull jobs amid the pandemic and targeting a corrupt Congresswoman (Kate Walsh). The cast elevates the material, making it a swiftly watched crime show and hopefully a second season adds to it.

10. Person of Interest

What began as a typical CBS procedural transformed into an acclaimed cyberpunk drama packed with action. Michael Emerson is the inventor of a Machine that predicts people involved with crimes. He recruits a former black ops soldier (Jim Caviezel) to stop the crimes before they happen.

From there, the show escalates into a battle over artificial intelligence amid wild turns. With a supporting cast of Taraji P. Henson, Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker and some of the sharpest writing imaginable, it only gets better with age into a brilliant series that can be enjoyed in full on Freevee.

11. Code Black

This underrated and overlooked CBS drama was one of the best medical shows of recent years. The title refers to when a hospital emergency room becomes overwhelmed, which happens quite often at a Los Angeles hospital. Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden is the head nurse trying to keep order amid this chaos.

Every episode is packed with some gripping emergencies amid the personal drama of the doctors. It gets a boost with Rob Lowe joining in season 2 and amping up the explosive (sometimes literally) action. Unfairly canceled after three seasons, it deserves a watch on Freevee as a great show CBS should have promoted more.

12. MacGyver

While the first three seasons are on Paramount+, Freevee has all five of the reboot of the old 1980s show. Lucas Till is the title character, a genius who works for the mysterious Phoenix Foundation in solving major crises. The show has a great humor the original lacked, as Mac is capable of crafting a solution out of anything. The series plays along its numerous twists with a great cast and often some wicked villains. It’s a shame its cancellation after five seasons was too abrupt, but at least Freevee lets you enjoy it all.

13. Motive

This Canadian procedural (which aired on ABC and USA Network) is a nice spin on the usual crime series. The first scene tells the audience not just who is the victim but also the killer. From there, the audience sees what led to the crime as the cops (led by Kristin Lehman) try to solve it.

The great touch is that so often, the actual motive for the murder isn’t what the audience expects and the final revelations always have some twist. That makes it compelling, along with the bevy of Canadian actors who keep popping up so well worth a watch.

14. Schitt’s Creek

If you don’t have Hulu, then Freevee is the best way to catch one of the most award-winning comedies of recent years. Eugene Levy, Dan Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy all won Emmys playing the Roses, an ultra-rich family who lose their fortune. They’re forced to move to the town they bought as a joke and handle its bizarre inhabitants.

The show is fantastic, bouncing with humor, heart, rich satire and some fantastic performances. It earned every one of its Emmy wins and its six-season run ranks as comedy genius that can be viewed for free.

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