General Hospital spoilers (Sept. 4-8): Sonny faces consequences

GENERAL HOSPITAL Ð Episode Ò15095Ó - "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Troy Harvey)MAURA WEST, MARCUS COLOMA
GENERAL HOSPITAL Ð Episode Ò15095Ó - "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Troy Harvey)MAURA WEST, MARCUS COLOMA /

At the end of General Hospital last week Cyrus was preaching to his disciples at the prison. It’s unclear if he found the Lord or if he loves the power that can come from Christian leadership. Maxie breaks the good news to the kids that they will be moving into Lulu’s house. But will all that happiness be put to a screeching halt if Lulu wakes up?

Nina is on the verge of another breaking point. Amazingly, she has kept her secret as long as she has but she’s got too big of a conscious to keep it hidden much longer. Sonny is still unaware of his fiancé’s discretions. He is on top of the world with his brilliant and successful daughter and gorgeous and equally successful fiancé. He was on top of the world…until his arrest.

Joss and Dex have channeled the old Carly and Jason. Joss doesn’t like his way of life and thinks she can change him. But she knew the risk she was taking the moment she got into a relationship with the mob boss’s second-hand man. Carly gives her daughter some words of wisdom. With Josslyn being as stubborn as Carly is we will see if it falls on deaf ears or not. Anna is honing in on the truth about Valentin.

Meanwhile, Nina is about to get everything she wants. Her relationship with Wiley and Willow is blossoming but she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. She is the one responsible for Drew and Carly’s downfall(even though they brought it upon themselves). Her world will likely come crashing down soon.

This week on General Hospital Sonny will have a run-in with his good pal Cyrus. But behind bars which man will have the upper hand?

General Hospital Spoilers (Sept. 4-8)

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Monday, September 4

There will be a re-run for General Hospital on Labor Day. The August 25 episode from 2022 will be airing instead. Drew and Carly were brought together in a dangerous situation. Victor was giving Ava idle threats over Nicholas. Spencer continues turning his father’s advances to fatherhood down.

Tuesday, September 5

  • Diane must once again come to Sonny’s legal rescue. Sonny has been protecting Drew in prison but will he have too many enemies behind bars?
  • Ava is still not impressed with Mason. She tries to get answers out of the pawn. Meanwhile, Austin is holding all the information that Laura wants to know.
  • Carly is not getting the information she needs and heads are about to spin.
  • Drew is no match for Cyrus but while Cyrus has him he’s going to have a little fun with him. You have to entertain yourself in prison somehow.

Wednesday, September 6

  • Sonny’s two best children have some heart-warming bonding time.
  • Cody is still on his journey to free Sasha. It is still complete insanity more people aren’t concerned about Sasha and aren’t putting two and two together. Cody’s not the sharpest tool in the shed either.
  • It’s never a smart idea to lie to a spy Valentin. Anna gets closer to answers.

Thursday, September 7

  • Sam has a revelation.
  • When are we ever going to find out Mac has another child?
  • Trina turns to Josslyn. As Spencer’s number one fan, we will see if she’s helpful or too brutally honest.
  • Nina is “shockingly” put in her place by another. This time by Alexis.
  • Trouble may be in store for TJ and Molly. Will the surrogate be backing out?

Friday, September 8

  • Dex is not comfortable revealing things about his business to Josslyn. But he may have to, to save the relationship.
  • Anna and Valentin are close to smooth sailing again. Was Anna wrong? Or will Valentin fess up about his deal with Pikeman?
  • Eddie Maine still won’t go away. How will Olivia react if her “rock star” decides to live that rock star life and surround himself with ladies?
  • A new idea may come for Cody.
  • A blast from the past is returning. Could it be Nicholas Cassadine? Or will it be Lulu waking up from her coma? Stay tuned to find out!

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