Bottoms movie soundtrack: Which songs play in the teen comedy?

Bottoms movie, MGM
Bottoms movie, MGM /

The Bottom’s original motion picture soundtrack was released simultaneously with the teen-comedy’s release, which was limited nationwide. The soundtrack features 27 songs from Milan Records, composed by singer-songwriter Charli XCX and composer Leo Birenberg. Missed any of the Bottoms movie soundtrack songs? We’ve got your back!

If you have already watched the movie and want to listen to the soundtrack, you can now buy Bottom’original motion picture soundtrack on Spotify or wherever music is sold online or in person. Now, on to the music…

Which songs play in the Bottoms movie soundtrack?

  1. “Bottoms” (Charlie XCX)
  2. “Yes No Okay” (XCX)
  3. “School Fair” (XCX & Birenberg)
  4. “Jeff” (Birenberg) (Birenberg)
  5. “Vehifeewe[4\
  6. 444zcular Jeff-slaughter” (Birenberg)
  7. “Tim to the Rescue” (Birenberg)
  8. “Lockers” (XCX & Birenberg)
  9. “Huntington Horrors” (Birenberg)
  10. “Mr. G” (XCX & Birenberg)
  11. “Teaching Each Other” (XCX & Birenberg)
  12. “Tim’s Suspicions” (Birenberg)
  13. “Josie at Juvie”(XCX & Birenberg)
  14. “Study Buddies”
  15. “Car Wash” (XCX & Birenberg)
  16. “Not in the System” (Birenberg)
  17. “Sex with Mrs. Callahan” (Birenberg)
  18. “All Night” (XCX & Birenberg)
  19. “Be With” (XCX & Birenberg)
  20. “QB Murders” (Birenberg)
  21. “The Final Fucking Hour” (XCX & Birenberg)
  22. “Need to Stop the Game” (Birenberg)
  23. “Setting Up the Bomb” (Birenberg)
  24. “Pineapple Juice” (XCX & Birenberg)
  25. “Final Face-Off” (XCX & Birenberg)
  26. “End Credits” (Birenberg)
  27. “Dream (Alternate Fight Sequence)” (XCX & Birenberg)

Will you be adding any of these songs to your playlist? What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

Bottoms is now playing in theaters across the country. Are you planning on seeing the raunchy teen comedy on the big screen or will you wait for it on streaming? After it leaves theaters, the movie is expected to stream on Prime Video, who bought streaming rights to the movie.

The raunchy comedy stars Rachel Sennott, Ayo Edebiri, Ruby Cruz Havana Rose Liu, Kaia Gerber, Nicholas Galitzine, Miles Fowler Dagmara Domińczyk, Marshawn Lynch, and Punkie Johnson. While the film is being promoted as a fun teen-comedy, please note that it is rated R and boy does it earn that rating!

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