The Bold and the Beautiful recap (Sept. 13): What is Luna hiding?

The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/
The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/ /

Luna made her debut today on The Bold and the Beautiful. The Forrester Creations intern came stumbling into the mansion with her arms full of fabric and her vision obstructed by the sheer amount of it. Donna helped her shuffle her way to the couch to drop off the materials and then finally her face was revealed.

Played by Lisa Yamada (Cruel Summer), the character was fresh and bright as she took in her surroundings, giving us a wondrous look around Eric’s living room that we haven’t seen since Paris (Diamond White) visited the mansion for the first time. Her eyes lit up as she introduced herself to RJ, who she follows on social media. She asked him if he’d used any filters on his pictures during his trip to Egypt, but he said no, that beautiful skyline was a sight all on its own.

Luna stuck around while Eric and RJ worked, she couldn’t believe that she not only got to meet a design legend but also see him in his element. She found the design they’d been perfecting gorgeous and Eric said one day she could be wearing it herself. From what was shared during Donna’s introduction for Luna, the young intern landed her job after assisting her at reception.

The two had gotten to talking and Donna made the call to HR herself to put in a good word for Luna about being hired. Eric teased her about not even looking at Luna’s resume, especially since she’s not even out of fashion school yet, but Donna said she knew that she was a good seed that it’s all in her eyes. RJ agreed. What none of them know, however, is that Luna is harboring a secret.

When her phone rang, she wandered over to the stairs to take it and the woman on the line sounded none to happy about what Luna was up to. She was warned to stay away from the Forresters, but she’s clearly not going to do that as she has her eye on RJ. So much so that he got nervous while trying to sketch.

Amused, Eric signaled for Donna to have Luna focus on something else and RJ instantly relaxed. Wild adventures he can do but being watched while designing sets his nerves on end. Eric believes this will be the best collection he’s ever done, and he’s so happy to be designing it with the help of his grandson.

What happened today on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Ridge was ecstatic to learn that RJ has finally taken an interest in design. That’s all he’s ever wanted. Apparently, Eric isn’t the only one who thinks the young Forrester is the “anointed” one. It looks like the soap might start to emphasize his status as Ridge and Brooke’s only child and the weight of that since their creative and romantic partnership is the stuff of fashion legend.

Ridge even went as far as to say that his potential is greater than Thomas’ and then swore Brooke not to repeat it to his eldest son. What he wasn’t happy about, however, was Eric “coming for him.” Less so about his father’s issuing of a challenge but the stress that it could put on him. Ridge has been feeling guilty about throwing away Eric’s stapler because his dad took it as a metaphor for Ridge putting him up on the shelf.

It’s not that Ridge doesn’t want to see Eric design. He said that’s who his father is; he’s always got designing on the brain. But he doesn’t want him to push himself so hard that he gets sick. Given Donna’s concern about the tremors in Eric’s hands, that’s a valid concern. Ridge stated Eric deserves rest and while it’s good that he’s mentoring RJ and that he should be, the weight of carrying the company shouldn’t be on his shoulder’s any longer.

Eric put Ridge in charge, along with Steffy. As Brooke pointed out, all the lines are doing well. The fashion firm is fine, so neither of them understand this insistence on one last line. Ridge fully believes his dad has one more line in him. He came up in the business literally at the man’s feet. Ridge played in the very office he and Brooke are standing in. Eric let him hide under the desk as he conducted business meetings. He’s immensely proud of his dad, but he also thinks he’s batting in another league now.

His reunion with Brooke has ignited his vigor for design in a way he hasn’t felt before, so Ridge believes it’s Eric who has to rise to the occasion, not him, even though he’s yet to see a single design. So, he’s not sure how he feels about all of this fuss over Eric’s legacy line, but it’s obvious Ridge does want to reach some kind of understanding with his dad at some point. For now though the fashion war continues to brew.

Until next time, Bold fans. Stay beautiful!

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