Is Victor Newman leaving Young and the Restless?

Eric Braeden - The Young and the Restless
Eric Braeden - The Young and the Restless /

Victoria’s concerned about her father, Victor Newman, on The Young and the Restless. On Sept. 18’s episode of the soap, she had dinner with her mother, Nikki, and told her Victor’s been acting erratic lately. Nikki questioned whether Victoria was saying this because her father demoted her. Victoria’s parents are now running Newman Media together as Co-CEOs which has pushed her out of a seat of power.

While she did admit that she is mad about that, she’s also worried about Victor. Particularly his health. Nikki said she’d be keeping an eye on her husband and will ensure he minds his health while back in the top position at the company but that’s likely not going to satisfy Victoria. But is she right? Should there be concern regarding Victor’s health? Should fans be expecting a cast exit for Eric Braeden who has spent the past 40 years on the program?

Here’s what we know!

Is Eric Braeden leaving  Young and the Restless?

No. The actor isn’t leaving the soap. There’s been no announcement of an upcoming exit. Also Decider reports Braeden, who is 82 years old, told Fox News Digital the following when asked if he’d be retiring in the near future:

"“No, hell no, no, no,” before joking, “I’ve known friends and colleagues of mine … athletic friends of mine who suddenly are retired. And now what? Pickleball?”"

Braedon also shared that though he is cancer-free, after a bout with bladder cancer, he’s still recovering from his battle with disease. The actor, however, is a positive thinker and an athlete so he’s got his mind on working out and he’s used to a “certain amount” of discomfort and pain because of his athletic lifestyle.

The worry about whether Victor will be written out of the soap likely stems from Victoria’s insistence that something must be wrong with her father. Hence his need to step back into a stressful job on a whim instead of allowing his children to run the business. A similar storyline is playing out on The Bold and the Beautiful with Eric Forrester.

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