Fargo season 5 release date, cast, teaser and everything we know so far

"FARGO" -- Year 5 -- Pictured: Juno Temple as Dorothy “Dot” Lyon. CR: Michelle Faye/FX
"FARGO" -- Year 5 -- Pictured: Juno Temple as Dorothy “Dot” Lyon. CR: Michelle Faye/FX /

Updated: Sept. 21, 2023 – Since its debut, the critically acclaimed television series Fargo has captivated audiences with its unique fusion of dark humor, intricate storytelling, and unforgettable characters. With four remarkable seasons under its belt, fans anxiously await the arrival of Fargo season 5, eagerly anticipating another enthralling dive into the frozen landscapes of the Midwest.

However, amidst the writers and actors strikes that have disrupted the television industry, fans find themselves yearning for updates on the release of their favorite shows, including Fargo‘s fifth season. Join us as we delve into the impact of the strike and explore everything we currently know about the highly anticipated fifth season, quenching your thirst for information about the future of Fargo, below!

Fargo season 5 release date

The new season of Fargo premieres Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 10 p.m. ET on FX with its first two episodes. If you miss the season 5 premiere, you’ll be able to stream the episodes the next day on Hulu. The streaming platform is the home to the first four seasons of the series as well.

Fargo season 5 plot

Setting the stage for season 5, creator and series director Noah Hawley has revealed that the story will unfold in the year 2019. This marks the closest the Fargo anthology series has ever ventured toward reality, adding an intriguing layer of connection to the contemporary world.

Adding to the intrigue, Hawley has dropped cryptic references, alluding to a Western vibe that will permeate the narrative. This departure from the previous season’s 1950s mafia setting promises a fresh and unexpected take on the Fargo universe, captivating viewers with its innovative storytelling approach.

The official description via FX Networks:

"The latest installment of Fargo is set in Minnesota and North Dakota, 2019. After an unexpected series of events lands “Dorothy ‘Dot’ Lyon” (Juno Temple) in hot water with the authorities, this seemingly typical Midwestern housewife is suddenly plunged back into a life she thought she had left behind."

Fargo season 5 cast

As Fargo season 5 approaches, fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of a fresh ensemble of talented actors, both new and returning, who will bring the intricately woven characters to life. Juno Temple, Jon Hamm, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, are all set to take on key roles in the series. Earlier this year, FX delighted fans on social media by sharing a first look at Jon Hamm in his Western attire, igniting even more anticipation for the season’s unique blend of genres.

In addition to the aforementioned stars, several familiar faces are set to make a triumphant return to Fargo. Joe Keery, Lamorne Morris, and Richa Moorjani will return to the series, ensuring a sense of continuity and familiarity amidst the fresh narrative.

Fargo season 5 cast list

  • Juno Temple as Dot Lyon
  • Jon Hamm as North Dakota sheriff Roy Tillman
  • Joe Keery as Gator Tillman, Roy’s son
  • David Rysdahl as Wayne Lyon, Dot’s husband
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lorraine, Wayne’s mother who is also a CEO
  • Dave Foley as Danish Graves, Lorraine’s top advisor
  • Sam Spruell as Ole Munch
  • Jessica Pohly as Agent Meyer
  • Nick Gomez as Agent Joaquin
  • Lamorne Morris
  • Richa Moorjani

How many episodes are in Fargo season 5?

Season 5 has a total of 10 episodes which is the typical episode count for Fargo. This, of course, means fans of the series can anticipate new episodes through the end of the year into 2024. We’ll be in January by the time the fifth season concludes.

When is the Fargo season 5 finale?

The tenth episode of the season will air on Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2024 at 10 p.m. ET on FX if there isn’t a scheduled interruption for the series or an unexpected preemption. We’ll keep you posted if the Fargo season 5 finale is pushed to a later date.

Fargo season 5 release schedule

Note: This schedule isn’t confirmed. As a reminder, the season will premiere its first two episodes in November before moving to weekly one episode airings on FX until it finishes its run in January 2024.

  • Episode 1-2: Tuesday, Nov. 21
  • Episode 3 – Nov. 28
  • Episode 4 – Dec. 5
  • Episode 5 – Dec. 12
  • Episode 6 – Dec. 19
  • Episode 7 – Dec. 26
  • Episode 8 – Jan. 2
  • Episode 9 – Jan. 9
  • Episode 10 – Jan. 16

Fargo season 5 trailer

An official trailer hasn’t been released yet, however, FX has released a teaser. The below video gives you a glimpse of Juno Temple’s character Dot Lyon who goes from cooking to grabbing weapons in the blink of an eye.

Fargo season 5 first look images

Fargo /

“FARGO” — Year 5 — Pictured: Juno Temple as Dorothy “Dot” Lyon. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

Fargo /

“FARGO” — Year 5 — Pictured: Jon Hamm as Roy Tillman. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

“FARGO” — Year 5 — Pictured: Sam Spruell as Ole Munch. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

Fargo /

“FARGO” — Year 5 — Pictured: Lamorne Morris as Witt Farr. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

“FARGO” — Year 5 — Pictured: Dave Foley as Danish Graves. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

“FARGO” — Year 5 — Pictured: Richa Moorjani as Indira Olmstead. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

“FARGO” — Year 5 — Pictured: Joe Keery as Gator Tillman. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

“FARGO” — Year 5 — Pictured: David Rysdahl as Wayne Lyon. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

“FARGO” — Year 5 — Pictured: Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lorraine Lyon. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

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