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In the season 32 premiere of ABC’s Dancing with the Starswe got to meet the teams and check out their moves as they performed their first dance in front of the judges and an excited audience. In week 2, did the couples improve or did they skip some lessons? Who went home at the end of DWTS season 32 episode 2? Let’s recap!

Spoiler alert! Please note there are spoilers below if you missed the season 32 premiere and/or have not watched episode 2. Go check both of these episodes out before reading on

Due to delays, strikes, co-host changes, and rumors, Dancing with the Stars fans weren’t sure if season 32 would premiere at all this year. Luckily, it arrived just in time to kick off the Fall TV season. We have already lost one team — Matt & Koko. The duo scored three 4’s from the judges, finishing the night with a 12.

Dancing with the Stars season 32 week 2 scores

If you’re only here for a quick look at the scores, we’ve got your back! Here’s the list in order of the highest to lowest. It was Latin Week! The teams hopped on the dance floor to dance salsa, rumba, and more passionate, fun dance numbers! Did Harry recover from that cringe performance he gave us last week? Read on…

  • Xochitl and Val, 24
  • Jason and Daniella, 24
  • Charity and Ezra, 21
  • Lele and Brandon, 21
  • Ariana and Pasha, 20
  • Alyson and Sasha, 19
  • Tyson and Jenna, 18
  • Mira and Gleb, 18
  • Jamie Lynn and Alan, 16
  • Barry and Peta, 15
  • Adrian and Britt, 15
  • Harry and Rylee, 15
  • Mauricio and Emma, 12

Lele and Brandon week 2 score

The duo stepped on the dance floor ready to impress — and impress they did! Carrie Ann, Derek, and Bruno all praised Lele and Brandon, who danced a Samba to “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee. Not only did Lele do so much better than last week, but Samba brought out some of Lele’s best moves.

However, leave it to the Dancing with the Stars judges to give such high praise only to hand out an average score in the end. That’s right, Lele and Brandon received a score of a seven from each judge, coming out of week two with a total of 21.

Tyson and Jenna week 2 score

Latin Week continued to bring out the best from the teams as Tyson and Jenna hit the dance floor. I’ll be the first to admit, I was scared and ready to close my eyes when Tyson appeared on the screen. Because, let’s be honest here, last week’s performance was just not it. After all, they did score a 12. This week, however, Tyson demonstrated huge improvement with a salsa dance to “Aguanilé” by Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe.

Carrie Ann, Derek, and Bruno let the duo know that this performance was far better than last week. Still, each of the judges handed Tyson and Jenna a six, for a total of 18.

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Dancing with the Stars /

Barry and Peta week 2 score

Barry! I was rooting for you. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting Barry and Peta to come into week two with a phenomenal dance, but I did not expect Barry to give us an even worse performance than the week prior. Yikes!

It was difficult to watch, and the judges did not hold back when it was time to give them feedback, especially Carrie Ann. In the end, each judge pulled out a five, for a total of 15. Ouch! Will they recover and come back next week? More below…

Adrian and Britt week 2 score

Five seems to have been the popular number this week as Adrian and Britt received a five from all three judges. This means their week 2 score is a 15, which is three points lower than week one. Adrian tells Julianne that he’s not sweating it because he tried his best. But it’s really not a good look to score lower than the week prior.

Adrian and Britt danced a Samba to the popular hit “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake, feat. Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B. In my humble opinion, this was not the right song for this team. Even though it’s Latin Week, I think a slower beat may have done Adrian a favor.

Mira and Gleb week 2 score

The happy and talented duo danced the Salsa to “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias. Mira hit all the steps at the right time, but, as Bruno points out, there was no spice! Mira is still holding back and appears a little too reserved. I hope the feedback from the judges give Mira the confidence she needs to come back next week with the killer moves we know she has!

In the meantime, at least Mira and Gleb are up by one point from last week. Carrie Ann, Derek, and Bruno each handed to partners a six for a total of 18. Last week, their score was 17. We believe in you, Mira!

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Xochitl and Val week 2 score

Xochitl said she doesn’t know the first thing about dancing Salsa, but we beg to differ! The young star channeled Camila Cabello perfectly and showed Latin Week a thing or two! The duo danced to Cabello’s “Don’t Go Yet.” Last week, Xochitl and Val didn’t do too shabby, scoring an 18. But this week? They received one of the highest scores of the night.

Each judge gave the duo an eight for a grand total score of 24. I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling Xochitl and Val are going to go far this season.

Ariana and Pasha week 2 score

Samba was the dance style Ariana and Pasha tackled this week, dancing to “Me Porto Bonito” by Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone. Now, I’m no expert, but I think Ariana could’ve performed a little better. Like Mira, I think Ariana is holding back. I hope she comes back next week with the spice and passion we know she has.

To recap, last week, Ariana and Pasha scored a 21. Did they do better this week? Sadly, no. They received a six from Carrie Ann, a seven from Derek, and a seven from Bruno, totalling to a 20 — one point lower than the week prior.

Mauricio and Emma week 2 score

Yikes! Another cringe performance. Hey, there has to be a couple! This wouldn’t be Dancing with the Stars if we didn’t get a terrible performance (or more) along the way. Mauricio thought he was in his element dancing the salsa to “Quimbara” by Celia Cruz, Willie Colón, Johnny Pacheco Y Su Charanga. Unfortunately, Mauricio missed more than a couple of steps and the judge were very quick to notice.

Carrie Ann, Derek, and Bruno each tried to comfort Mauricio for the mistakes in his performances. Carrie Ann reassured him that it can happen to anyone. However, they were not as kind when it came time to hand out scores. Mauricio and Emma received a four from each judge, for a total of 12.

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Alyson and Sasha week 2 score

Last week, Carrie Ann told Alyson that she wants to see Alyson bring out the sexy! Did she do it? According to the judge, yes! All three judges praised Alyson for a great comeback! Alyson and Sasha performed a Tango to “Can’t Remember to Forget You” by Shakira, feat. Rihanna. I agree that Alyson did appear a lot more confident this week, but how did the judges feel when it came time to hand out scores?

The couple received a seven from Carrie Ann, a six from Derek, and another six from Bruno. The total? A wonderful 19! Not the highest of the week, I’m aware, but way higher than the 13 they received last week.

Charity and Ezra week 2 score

Dance pro Artem (Charity’s partner) tested positive for COVID-19, so, unfortunately, he had to sit back this week. No word yet on whether he’ll be back next week or not, we’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, for week two, Charity was partnered with Ezra for a cha-cha-cha dance to “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin.

From the clips, we see that Artem did start to teach Charity the dance, but Ezra had to take over after Artem became sick. Getting used to a new partner is not easy, so let’s give Charity credit for that alone! Last week, Charity was on top of the leaderboard, but this week? There was more criticism.

Harry and Rylee week 2 score

Harry gave a very poor performance last week. At one point, I really thought he was going to give up and walk off the stage. The couple’s score was a 12, one of the lowest of the episode. Yet, Harry and Rylee were not in the bottom two. It appears Harry has a lot of loyal fans! Don’t forget, fan votes can change the game. But will they save the duo another week?

Harry and Rylee danced “Arranca” by Becky G, feat. Omega. While we do notice slight improvement in Harry’s movements, it was not enough to make a significant impact in his scores. Carrie Ann, Derek, and Bruno each handed Harry and Rylee a five for a total score of 15. It’s an optimistic number, up three points from last week.

Jamie Lynn and Alan week 2 score

Jamie Lynn and Alan danced to “Shake Señora” by Pitbull, feat. T-Pain & Sean Paul. And guys, there was no shaking on that stage. Carrie Ann asked Jamie Lynn to be more confident and bring on the moves, but the star still held back and just wasn’t putting 100% into it.

Carrie Ann gave the duo a six, but Derek and Bruno each handed Jamie Lynn and Alan a five, bringing their total to a 16. This is one point higher than last week, but will that be enough? Keep reading to find out!

Jason and Daniella week 2 score

Last, but certainly not least, Jason and Daniella hit the stage with a rumba to “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás” by Andrea Bocelli, feat. Jennifer Lopez. The duo did a great job in their first performance, scoring a 21. Did they wow the judges again?

I know I say this for almost every couple this season, but I mean it when I say Jason and Daniella are one of my favorite teams! And hey, the judges seem to agree with me. Carrie Ann, Derek, and Bruno praised Jason on his moves and gave him a total of a 24.

Who was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars season 32 week 2?

Did you cast your vote? If so, did your favorite team stay or have they been eliminated? This season, I love more than one team! But hey, it’s only week two. I still have time to decide. For now, let’s focus on the night’s elimination. Everyone did their best, but someone still has to go home at the end of the night. I know, we hate this part, too!

Final spoiler warning if you have not watched tonight’s episode of Dancing with the Stars!

The two bottom couples were Jamie Lynn and Alan and Adrian and Britt. The couple to go home was Jamie Lynn and Alan! Were you surprised by the results? I sure was! I believe Jamie Lynn performed better than both Adrian and Mauricio. Like I said, fan votes can change everything.

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