Our Flag Means Death Season 2 release schedule: When do episodes come out on Max?

Leslie Jones, Nathan Foad, and Rhys Darby in Our Flag Means Death - Photograph by Aaron Epstein/HBO Max
Leslie Jones, Nathan Foad, and Rhys Darby in Our Flag Means Death - Photograph by Aaron Epstein/HBO Max /

Our Flag Means Death is about to set sail for more misadventures in season 2. If you need to know the episodes schedule on Max so you don’t miss a beat, we’re here to help!

Very loosely based on a true story, Our Flag Means Death tells the tale of Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), a British nobleman in the 18th century who decides to become a pirate. The show is a satire on how Bonnet’s attempts at the pirate life are undermined by his inexperience and a fumbling crew.

The comedy is wild, but has some heart as Bonnet has a relationship with the notorious James Teach, better known as Blackbeard (Taika Waititi). Season 1 ended with it going badly as Bonnet returned to his home in England. However, he realized he couldn’t live without his love for the sea and headed back to rescue his crew, who’d been abandoned on an island by Teach.

Season 2 has the crew trying to get back into the pirate game and meeting legendary female pirate Anne Bonny who has her own unique style. Meanwhile, Bonnet and Blackbeard try to overcome their issues.

That looks like some great wild fun, so when can you watch it on Max?

Our Flag Means Death season 2 episodes

Per EpGuides, the series will have its first three episodes on Thursday, Oct. 5. It will then air two additional episodes each on Oct. 12 and Oct. 19, before the season finale on Oct. 26. A bit complicated, I know! But we’re here to help.

  • Episode 1: “Impossible Birds” Oct. 5
  • Episode2: “Red Flags” Oct. 5
  • Episode 3: “The Innkeeper” Oct. 5
  • Episode 4: “Fun and Games” Oct. 12
  • Episode 5 TBA Oct. 12
  • Episode 6 TBA Oct. 19
  • Episode 7 TBA Oct. 19
  • Episode 8 TBA Oct. 26

As you can see, the episode titles for 5-8 have not yet been released. We’ll keep you posted. With the unique schedule, fans can enjoy double doses of Our Flag Means Death until its finale and a reminder of how it’s a comedy unlike any on TV today.

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Our Flag Means Death season 2 premieres Thursday, Oct. 5, on Max.