Do you have to watch all Pet Sematary movies before Pet Sematary: Bloodlines?

Jeté Laurence as Ellie in PET SEMATARY, from Paramount Pictures.
Jeté Laurence as Ellie in PET SEMATARY, from Paramount Pictures. /

Here at Hidden Remote, horror is one of our favorite genres! And so, when we learned a new Pet Sematary installment was in the works, we couldn’t wait to watch it! Pet Sematary: Bloodlines is now streaming on Paramount+ just in time to kick off spooky season.

If you also enjoy all things horror and Halloween, Bloodlines may be on your to-watch list this season. However, it has been about four years since the last movie in the franchise, and decades since the original. That said, whether you need a refresher or are new to the horror series, you may be wondering which Pet Sematary movies, if any, you need to watch before Pet Sematary: Bloodlines. And if that’s the case, we’re here to help!

The original movie premiered in theaters in the year 1989. Adapted from Stephen King‘s 1983 novel of the same name, Pet Sematary stars Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby, Blaze Berdahl, Fred Gwynne, and others. At the time of its release, the movie was praised by audiences seeking unique and refreshing new horror thrills. Put together with a budget of $11.5 million, the movie went on to gather $89.5 million at the box office.

A sequel, Pet Sematary Two, followed in 1992, but it was not as well-received as the first, failing to capture the distinctiveness of the first. We weren’t able to find the budget for the sequel, but we do know, thanks to Box Office Mojo, that Pet Sematary Two accumulated only $17 million. This did not stop Paramount Pictures from giving the story another chance, releasing a new adaptation of King’s novel in 2019.

At the box office, the 2019 renewal reached $113.1 million with a budget of only $21 million. Still, it took four years for a new installment in the franchise to arrive, but it’s finally here!

Is Pet Sematary: Bloodlines a sequel or prequel?

Bloodlines, now streaming on Paramount+, serves as a prequel to the 2019 version of the original story. The movie will take audiences back several years to show us how it all began. According to the premiseBloodlines travels back to the year 1969, where we’ll follow a young Jud Crandall. The story is a “never before told chapter” from King’s novel.

The prequel sees Jud’s dreams of leaving his hometown come crushing down after dark secrets about his family and his town surface, forcing Jud to confront his past. You may know what happens in the years to come, but you haven’t seen what took to get there.

Pet Sematary: Bloodlines
Pet Sematary: Bloodlines /

Pet Sematary movies to watch before Bloodlines

Since this is a prequel, the story and characters are going to be introduced to both old and new fans. Bloodlines carries audiences through the chilling story, breaking things down every step of the way, without being obnoxious or overbearing. Still, just because you’ll understand the movie, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch the original.

Audiences who are familiar with the story will be able to catch references and other twists, and that’s always so much fun! What’s more, there is only one movie to watch before Bloodlines, and that’s the 2019 version, since Bloodlines is a prequel to this movie specifically.

Need more reasons to watch Pet Sematary 2019? It is conveniently streaming on Paramount+, why not enjoy a double feature this weekend?

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