Gen V episode 4 ending explained: What happened that left fans confused?

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Gen V just had an episode ending that has fans completely baffled. Just what happened in “The Whole Truth,” and what does this mean for the series?

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for Gen V Episode 4

The episode opened showing Dean Shetty watching the aftermath of Sam’s escape from The Woods lab. She berated Dr. Edison Cardosa (Marco Pigossi), who warned her that Sam was even stronger than his brother Golden Boy had been.

Marie tried to seek answers from campus psychic Rufus (Alexander Calvert), only for him to use his powers to try and take advantage of her. Marie used her powers to take him out in a wild way just as Jordan found her. The two made some peace and even shared a quick kiss.

During all this, master detective Tek Knight (Derek Wilson) arrived on campus as his TV show wanted to find out what really happened to Golden Boy. Thanks to his expert eye at spotting lies, Tek Knight got Marie to confess to everyone how it was Jordan who fought Golden Boy and she just accepted the credit for it.

Tek Knight also knew of the Woods and was close to throwing Shetty under the bus for all this. But Shetty defused his leverage with her own: a video showing that, thanks to a brain tumor, Tek Knight was pushed to become…shall we say, intimate…with just about any object around him. Faced with that, Tek Knight backed off and wrote off Golden Boy’s rampage as the official story of him going nuts.

What was the strange ending to Gen V episode 4?

Emma talked to Sam, but he was thrown by a hallucination of a puppet and Jason Ritter telling him to kill Cardosa. He hunted the guy at his home as Marie, Emma, Jordan, and Andre chased him down. The group actually worked as a team to stop Sam with Emma bingeing on food to grow to giant size and subdue him. Marie then told Sam it would be okay, they’d help him…and with no warning, the screen cut to black before showing Marie and Jordan (in female form) in bed together.

So what happened? Was there some nutty time jump to months ahead and Marie and Jordan are a couple or is something more sinister going on? The logical idea is someone erased the group’s memory of what happened after stopping Sam, with Shetty the prime suspect. That makes trying to figure out what happened more important.

It was a totally unexpected move and shows how Gen V loves to tease and taunt viewers, which should make the wait for the next episode more exciting.

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