Who is the Sweet Sixteen Killer in the Totally Killer movie?

Totally Killer just premiered on Prime Video with a terrific twist on the slasher movie. But who was the killer in this wild comedy, and how did it end? Find out here!

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for Totally Killer

This Blumhouse production has a great hook: Halloween meets Back to the Future.

In 1987, Pam (Julie Bowen) barely escaped the Sweet Sixteen Killer, a twisted murderer who took out her friends. In the present, Pam was attacked by SSK, who kills her. Her grief-stricken teenage daughter Jamie (Kiernan Shipka) wanted to discover who SSK is. She had been given a note from podcaster Chris (Jonathan Potts) threatening to get Pam.

Jamie was also attacked by SSK, who chased her to the school science lab. As fate would have it, Jamie’s friend Amelia has just constructed a time machine out of a photo booth that sends Jamie back to a few days before the murders in 1987.

With the cops obviously not believing her story, Jamie was determined to save her mother’s life. She’s thrown by the far more un-PC 1980s and especially the discovery her straightlaced mother (played in the past by Olivia Holt) was a foul-mouthed “mean girl” constantly hanging with the man who will become Jamie’s dad.

Jamie reached out to Amelia’s mother, Lauren, in the past to help reconstruct the time machine so she could get back while trying to save her mother and her friends from SSK. It leads to various twists and turns before a wild ending.

The Sweet Sixteen Killer reveal has a twist in Totally Killer

When the killer attacked, Jamie was able to stab him and then unmasked him to be the geeky Doug (Nathaniel Appiah). He was out for revenge as Pam’s friends had bullied Doug’s girlfriend, Trish, and let her drive home drunk, which got her killed. Pam, however, wasn’t part of that as she and Trish had a falling-out, making it odd SSK would want her dead too.

It looked like it was over, only for another masked SSK to show up, kill Marisa, and go after the rest. Along the way, he also stabbed Chris’ reporter dad live on TV. He chased after Jamie and stabbed Pam. He then unmasked to reveal himself as the adult Chris, who’d traveled back in time through the machine.

Chris explained he’d forged that note and this whole thing was to re-spark interest in the SSK killer so his podcast could get more popular. As he was already alive in 1987, he also took the opportunity to kill his overbearing father. Chris and Jamie battled it out on the makeshift time machine, with Jamie kicking him off the center as it activated so Chris was wiped out of existence.

Did Jamie save her mom?

Back in the present, Jamie raced home to find Pam alive and well. But, like Marty McFly, Jamie learned that her actions in the past had consequences, such as her mother having a fun new attitude. She was met by Amelia and Lauren, with Lauren giving Jamie a run-down on the changes. First of all, because she helped get her parents together sooner than before, Jamie now had an older brother named Jamie and her name was now Collette.

The credits scene had Jamie looking through a notebook from Lauren on the changes in this new timeline:

  • The “new” Jamie is 34 years old with a husband and three-year-old daughter. Also, it seems Pam is on much better terms with her own mother.
  • Amelia is still Jamie’s best friend with Lauren, a bioengineer.
  • The Jock bully Randy is, amazingly, the school principal.
  • Kara is the chief of police but has a wilder side.
  • Trish’s brother Lurch is no longer a groundskeeper but started a video game empire and an anti-bullying group in his sister’s name.
  • Eddie’s brush with death made him the frontman for a popular rock group.
  • This timeline’s Chris was traumatized by his father’s on-air death with no idea an alternate version of him was the killer. He’s living a quiet life in a monastery, but Lauren is keeping an eye on him in case.

So with the fun time travel motifs combined with the fantastic comedy and horror, Totally Killer delivers a great turn on the slasher genre.

Totally Killer is now streaming on Prime Video.