Dancing with the Stars season 32 week 3 scores: Who went home on DWTS?


Four teams down, eleven more to go! Which team went home at the end of Dancing with the Stars season 32 episode 3? Let’s recap!

Each week, we play close attention to the performances to see which teams have improved and which may have missed a practice session (or two). Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean that those who didn’t perform as great as the others have a higher chance of going home — it all comes down to the votes! The judges votes count, sure, but it’s also about the votes from audiences. That said, it’s very important that fans tune in live and vote. 

Spoiler alert! Please note there are spoilers below if you missed the season 32 premiere and/or have not watched episode 3. Go check both of these episodes out before reading on. 

Dancing with the Stars season 32 week 3 scores

It’s Motown Night! We saw tango, foxtrot, quickstep, and more fun dances! This night is also special because we have our first guest judge, Good Morning America co-anchor Michael Strahan. Did Harry’s moves improve? Which team demonstrated the most improvement this week? Let’s get the scores…

  • Jason and Daniella, 34
  • Ariana and Pasha, 34
  • Charity and Ezra, 32
  • Xochitl and Val, 32
  • Lele and Brandon, 27
  • Mira and Gleb, 26
  • Barry and Peta, 25
  • Alyson and Sasha, 24
  • Harry and Rylee, 24
  • Mauricio and Emma, 23
  • Adrian and Britt, 22
  • Tyson and Jenna, 20

Barry and Peta week 3 score

Barry and Peta finished off week 3 with a 25, which, if you’re keeping score, is 10 point higher than the previous week. Someone has been taking extra lessons, looking at you, Barry! The team danced the tango to “Get Ready” by The Temptations. The tango is the perfect dance for Barry. Fun, requires skill, but is not too challenging or demanding.

They scored a six from Carrie Ann, guest judge Michael Strahan, and Bruno, and a seven from Derek. What score would you give the duo? Will this be enough to save Barry another week? The improvement is there, but are the votes?

Lele and Brandon week 3 score

Lele and Brandon gave new life to the immensely popular Rick James hit “Super Freak” dancing the cha-cha-cha to it. Did they charm the judges? Yes, but not as much as they were hoping! The score was really only higher because of the extra judge. Still, we’re proud of you, Lele!

Carrie Ann, Michael, and Bruno gave the duo a seven, while Derek once again stood out with a different score, a six. Keep hitting practice, Lele, we know you’ll do even better next week. Are Lele and Brandon the team you are cheering on this season? How far do you think they’ll get? I can see Lele and Brandon in the top five.

Mauricio and Emma week 3 score

After “Super Freak” by Rick James, Dancing with the Stars took things down a notch with “Working My Way Back to You” by The Spinners. Mauricio and Emma danced the Foxtrot to the classic hit. Did Mauricio perform better than last week? Yes and no.

Mauricio is trying his best and giving it his all, but he still seems reserved and shy, which the judges point out when it came time to offer Mauricio feedback. Will Mauricio make it back next week? Read on to find out! In the meantime, know that the pair scored a 23.

Jason and Daniella week 3 score

And we have the highest score of the night (well, so far, keep reading to see if Jason and Daniella score the highest number this week)! Jason and Daniella scored a 34, which comes from a nine from Carrie Ann and Derek, and an eight from Michael and Bruno. Is there anything Jason can’t learn to do? I don’t think so!

I can easily see Jason and Daniella making it to the top five, possibly even win the whole thing. This week, they danced the jive to “Do You Love Me” by The Contours. Can we get an encore, please?

Alyson and Sasha week 3 score

Alyson, I love you, girl, but I just don’t think you have the moves for DWTSI’m sorry, but in my personal opinion I have not seen a lot of improvement from Alyson. Don’t get me wrong, she does a way better job than I could ever do! The judges were kind when giving Alyson feedback, but you can tell they agree she needs to step it up, and quick.

This week, Alyson and Sasha danced the foxtrot to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. If Alyson comes back next week, I hope it’s after a few extra lessons. For now, Alyson and Sasha walk out with a 24, receiving a six from all four judges.

Tyson and Jenna week 3 score

Turn the volume up for Tyson and Jenna! The duo danced the foxtrot to “Master Blaster (Jammin’)” by Stevie Wonder. Now, listen…I said turn the volume up because it’s a great song, not so much because we enjoyed the performance. Sorry, Tyson!

Scoring the lowest numbers of the night, Tyson and Jenna walked away with a 20, getting a give from each judge, ouch! This score lands the duo in the bottom two. Are they coming back to give it another shot next week? Stay tuned…

Charity and Artem week 3 score

Artem is back, everybody! After missing last week due to testing positive for COVID, Artem returned and better than ever as he and Charity scored one of the highest scores of the week. The pair danced to “My Girl” by The Temptations beautifully! Can we just crown them the winners of this season already?

Charity and Artem received an eight from each judge, including guest judge Michael Strahan, for a total of 32. We love to see Charity improve week after week and can’t wait to see what performance she has for us next.

Mira and Gleb week 3 score

Is it just me or are the judges a little too harsh on Mira? She’s giving it her all, you guys! Give her a break! Not to mention, she’s doing a lot better than some of the other stars…won’t be saying any names here. The judges, Carrie Ann in particular, had a lot to say about Mira, and it wasn’t all that great.

The duo received a 26 (a six from Carrie Ann and Derek and a seven from Michael and Bruno). While it’s not the lowest score of the night, it’s still low and has definitely not helped Mira’s confidence.

Ariana and Pasha week 3 score

Ariana and Pasha danced the quickstep to “You Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes, and they did pretty great! It was a very fun dance that showed off Ariana’s growing skills as the team scored a 34 (a nine from Carrie Ann, an eight from Derek, another nine from Michael, and an eight from Bruno). Someone has been hitting dance practice more.

Adrian and Britt week 3 score

At the bottom of the board, you’ll find Adrian and Britt, with a total of 22. Okay, it’s not as low as Tyson’s 20, but you get the point. The pair danced the quickstep to “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5, but will the audience want Adrian back next week? Keep on reading to find out if Adrian and Britt are safe for another week.

Harry and Rylee week 3 score

At the start of the season, I thought Harry had no business being on the dance competition show, but he has finally demonstrated some improvement this week. Not to mention, he got a big confident boost thanks to Carrie Ann’s comment. Who knows, maybe Harry does have what it takes to make it a few more weeks on the show. Only time (and skill) will tell. What do you think? The duo scored a 24, one of the lowest numbers this week.

Xochitl and Val week 3 score

Xochitl is simply too adorable! Out of everyone this season, Xochitl is the happiest to be there. You can see it in her performances, her happiness shines through! This week, Xochitl and Val danced the foxtrot to “My Guy” by Mary Wells and walked out in the top four with a score of 32 (an eight from each judge).

I know I have said this for several of the teams before, but Xochitl and Val are my favorite this season! If anything I can see them making it to the finals. I can’t wait to see their next performance.

Who was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars season 32 week 3?

We hope you all took out your phones to vote and then voted once more online! The teams really needed your help this week. As you may remember, Jamie Lynn was eliminated last week, even though she landed nowhere near the bottom two. You just never know.

Okay, guys! Final spoiler warning if you have not watched tonight’s episode of Dancing with the Stars!

The bottom three included Tyson and Jenna, Harry and Rylee, and Alyson and Sasha. And the one to go home, was, drumroll please…Tyson and Jenna! Simply put Tyson did not bring his best moves and was not able to take home a victory with votes.

Who will be leaving the season next? Don’t miss Dancing with the Stars season 32 episode 4 next Tuesday, Oct. 17.

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