Insidious: The Red Door gets disappointing streaming release update

Insidious: The Red Door
Insidious: The Red Door /

Insidiousaka Insidious: The Red Door is no longer playing on the big screen as it became available to rent or buy digitally via VOD services earlier this summer on Aug. 1. But now that we are approaching Halloween, what is known about the horror movie’s streaming release date? Unfortunately, it’s not looking great.

After just under 30 days in theaters, Insidious 5 became available to rent or purchase digitally. However, the wait for the streaming release is taking a little longer. After all, it’s been over two months since it’s digital release, when will fans be able to rewatch (or enjoy for the first time) the movie from home? Another important questions is, will The Red Door stream on Max or Netflix?

At the time of this writing, Insidious and Insidious 2 are both available to stream on the HBO streaming platform, Max. And so, it’s easy to assume The Red Door will join these movies on Max. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case. The third and fourth movie in the franchise have different homes. Chapter 3 is streaming on Peacock while The Last Key is available on AMC+ and Prime Video. Will The Red Door come knocking at one of these services? No. Insidious 5 has decided to make things a little more confusing.

Insidious: The Red Door
Insidious: The Red Door /

Insidious 5 gets disappointing Netflix streaming update

That’s right, Insidious: The Red Door will be available to stream on Netflix. It truly is frustrating when one of your favorite franchises is scattered across the world of streaming. In this case, two movies are on Max, another on Peacock, another on Prime Video, and now, the latest on Netflix. Needless to say, let’s hope you have all of these streaming platforms to enjoy a fun binge-watch of the horror series.

The disappointing release update, however, is not that the movie will stream on Netflix, but that it won’t be here in time for Halloween. If you were hoping to binge all Insidious movies before or on Halloween night, we’re sorry to share that Netflix is not bringing us the movie in October.

The streaming giant released its list of movies and shows coming this month and The Red Door is nowhere on it! Trust us, we checked the list twice and then once more for good measure. Our best guess for when The Red Door could be streaming on Netflix, is mid to late November. Of course, as soon as we learn more, we’ll update this post!

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