Sight Unseen release updates: Cast, synopsis and everything to know about the CW series

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 27: Empire State Building hosts actor Daniel Gillies in advance of 'Coming Home In The Dark' premiere at The Empire State Building on September 27, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 27: Empire State Building hosts actor Daniel Gillies in advance of 'Coming Home In The Dark' premiere at The Empire State Building on September 27, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust) /

The CW is in a new era that’s been shaky in its development but one thing the network is doing right is trying to retain the audience from the previous regime by hooking us with veterans coming back to star in their new shows. The first season of Sullivan’s Crossing is currently airing, the program features Chad Michael Murray and Scott Patterson in prominent roles. It’s already been renewed for a second season with CW co-producing alongside CTV. Vanessa Morgan will star in the comedic procedural Wild Cards premiering in 2024. Joining these shows is Sight Unseen which has Daniel Gillies in a featured role.

Like Wild Cards, Sight Unseen is a procedural. However, it’s more of a drama than a comedy. The procedural genre, prior to Nexstar taking majority ownership, wasn’t a mainstay on The CW outside the Arrowverse’s villain of the week formats for the earlier seasons of its iconic shows. It’s a pivot meant to bring in a broader audience and an attempt to fall more in line with the offerings on the other networks a part of the Big 5. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming series.

What is Sight Unseen about?

Fans of In the Dark, may find Sight Unseen interesting as the show follows a former homicide detective who is clinically blind (the synopsis via TVLine):

"A top homicide detective is forced to quit the job she loves after nearly killing her partner and being diagnosed as clinically blind. Reluctant to accept help, Tess uses an assistance app and connects with Sunny Patel, a professional seeing-eye guide and an agoraphobe living 3,000 miles away. After losing her vision, Tess is haunted by the unsolved cases she left behind. Using a hidden camera and earpiece, Sunny remotely steers Tess through life’s obstacles — and crimes — as the two challenge preconceptions about ability, trust and where to draw the line. Inspired by one of the co-creators’ experiences with sight loss, viewers join Tess and Sunny as they bring a fresh perspective to solving crime."

The series was created by sisters Karen and Nikolijne Troubetzkoy, and it’s inspired by one of the co-creator’s experience with vision loss. Karen Troubetzkoy was a consulting producer on Orphan Black season 2 and an executive producer on KillJoys seasons 1-5.  Nikolijne Troubetzkoy was a producer on Killjoys season 3 and a consulting producer on seasons 4-5, she also served as co-executive producer on the first season of Transplant. John Fawcett (Orphan Black) is attached to the show as a director of several of its episodes and as an executive producer.

According to a Bell Media press release, this joint venture between CTV and The CW utilizes the expertise of sight-impaired consultants in their commitment “to incorporate equity, diversity, and inclusion principles as a priority both in front of and behind the camera.”

Per Hollywood North Buzz, filming on the 10 episode first season began July 31, 2023 in Vancouver and will conclude Nov. 15. It can do so despite the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike because of its interim agreement with the union.

The series is produced by Blink49 Studios and Front Street Pictures in association with Sisters Troubetzkoy Productions.


The Sight Unseen cast at a glance:

  • Dolly Lewis as Tess Burke
  • Agam Darshi as Sunny Patel
  • Daniel Gillies
  • Jarod Joseph
  • Alice Christina-Corrigan
  • Tony Giroux

The lead of the series is Dolly Lewis, an actress whose prior credits are dominated by short films. This will be her first time fronting a series. Lewis plays Tess Burke, the aforementioned former homicide detective that nearly got her partner killed. Her condition is described as “rapid onset eye disease” and it’s led to the need for assistive technology and the help of Sunny Patel.

Sunny, played by Agam Darshi (who The Flash fans will remember as Queen/Mona Taylor of the Royal Flush Gang), is an agoraphobe and lives thousands of miles away in another city. However, her skill as a seeing-eye guide is critical to Tess’ work. Think of her as “the woman in the chair,” or for a more recent reference, like Zeke Wallace from Found who is also an agoraphobe who provides invaluable help from the comfort of his home.

The roles the rest of the cast play have yet to be announced, this includes Daniel Gillies’ part in Sight Unseen. The actor was a prominent fixture on The CW, beloved for his turn as Elijah Mikaelson on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. He’s also a draw for the Virgin River fandom who’ve made the jump to The CW for Sullivan’s Crossing. The actor played Mark Monroe for four seasons on the Netflix original.

Another CW vet attached to the series is Jarod Joseph who played Nathan Miller on all seven seasons of The 100. Motherland: Fort Salem fans will be excited to see Tony Giroux in the show. He starred as Adil, an Earth witch and love interest of Abigail Bellweather, on the Freeform supernatural drama. Rounding out the cast, as we know it so far, is newcomer Alice Christina-Corrigan who appeared in an episode of Doctors.

Does Sight Unseen have a premiere date?

Sight Unseen only has a premiere window at the moment. Viewers can expect the drama to begin airing in 2024. Given its filming schedule, it would not be surprising if the series debuts during the midseason instead of being held for the fall. With The CW’s OG shows not returning until April 2024, and later for Superman & Lois due to visual effects, the network will need scripted content for January to March. Sight Unseen‘s ten episode first season run could be a perfect fit for tiding viewers over and continuing to get longtime fans of the network on board with its new content.

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