Bachelor in Paradise star Kat Izzo’s age, Instagram, job and more


Katherine “Kat” Izzo has quickly become one of our favorites this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

The love-seeking contestant is not only seriously charming but also carries herself in a very non-serious way that absolutely makes us laugh now and then. What’s more, she’s down-to-earth, meaning what you see is what you’re going to get. All in all, she’s a person we don’t mind being a fan of, which is why we want to tell you all about her to join her fandom full of thousands of fans.

Without further ado, here’s everything to know about Kat Izzo!

Everything to know about Bachelor in Paradise season 9 contestant Kat Izzo

When you first met Kat Izzo on The Bachelor season 27, you saw how far her inner and outer beauty got her. (She was practically next in line to being Zach Shallcross’ lady!) While she didn’t make it past week 7, we have a feeling she’s going to make it pretty far in Bachelor in Paradise, especially with how she’s stealing the attention of a handful go handsome men in paradise.

As we wait to see how far Kat makes it, check out her age and more below!

Age: 27 (June 13, 1996)

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Instagram: @katizzzo

Warning: Bachelor in Paradise season 9 spoilers are up ahead!

Kat Izzo finds love in Paradise!

According to Reality Steve, Kat Izzo doesn’t leave paradise empty-handed. Rather, she leaves with a certain someone who she’s more than ready to tie the knot with. We won’t reveal who that is, as we would rather you take your guesses as to who it might be. However, just know that the two are a match made in heaven! So much so that Kat reportedly moved to his hometown, Asheville, North Carolina, to be closer to him! (Hint hint!)

Kat Izzo deserves all the love and so much more, which is why you absolutely need to watch her journey unfold on Bachelor in Paradise season 9 on ABC!

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