The Spencer Sisters filming locations: Where is the CW drama filmed?

The Spencer Sisters has been a fun addition to the CW this fall. But just where is this mystery comedy series filmed?

Despite the title, The Spencer Sisters isn’t about sisters at all. Darby Spencer (Stacey Farber) is an aspiring cop who’s tired of her bosses ignoring her drive. She quits and heads home to find her boyfriend cheating on her and has to move out.

Darby is forced to relocate to her hometown of Alder Bluffs, where her mother Victoria (Lea Thompson) is a rich and successful mystery novelist. The pair haven’t gotten along well due to Victoria’s ego and Darby’s tough attitude.

As it happens, Victoria is suffering from writer’s block and needs some inspiration. The pair end up working together to help a friend of Darby’s in a tough jam. This inspires Victoria to open up a detective agency, using how folks mistake her and Darby for sisters for the title.

The show balances some mysteries with the humor of the pair clashing on their own issues with a nice vibe for the small town. But just where is it filmed? Here’s what we know.

The Spencer Sisters filming locations

The Spencer Sisters is a Canadian production and even acknowledges it’s set in Canada with Alden Bluffs supposedly in Ontario. The series is filmed in Manitoba and Ontario, primarily in Winnipeg and Hamilton, per The Cinemaholic.

Victoria’s lavish mansion is a real property just outside of Winnipeg while the actual city is able to stand in for various locations in the fictional Alder Bluffs. Also, an upcoming episode uses the town of Dundas for a trip the Spencers take.

Thompson and Farber have shared lots of pics from filming on their social media pages with talk of how the season 1 finale had to be filmed in the midst of a massive blizzard hitting Ontario.

Thus, The Spencer Sisters uses its Canadian roots well for filming and adds more delight to an already charming mystery series.

The Spencer Sisters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW