SEAL Team ending with Season 7: What about the standalone movie?

It’s bad news for Bravo Team. The last mission is on its way. SEAL Team Season 7 is officially going to be the last of the Paramount+ series.

The time has come. SEAL Team is coming to an end. Deadline announced the disappointing news that Season 7 will be the end of the series.

In some good news, the writers have time to craft an ending. While writing for the season started after the WGA strike came to an end, production hasn’t started. That means there is time to make some tweaks to ensure this series has an ending that works for all fans of the show. This is a series that deserves a proper send-off.

There had been fears that the sixth season would be the last, leading to a quick social media campaign from fans to save it. This came when there were talks about streamlining this series for the streamer when it was originally conceived for a broadcast network. However, Paramount+ saw the benefit in renewing the series for Season 7, which got caught up in the dual strikes this summer.

SEAL Team movie no longer happening

Shortly after the announcement of Season 7, we learned there would also be a standalone movie. That is no longer going ahead. This was also confirmed in the Deadline piece. The Season 7 finale will wrap up everything to work as a good series finale.

SEAL Team Season 7 will have 10 episodes. This matches the number of episodes for Season 6. It probably would have matched Season 5 had that season not had a four-episode outing on CBS first.

Production for Season 7 will start in early December. The season will come to Paramount+ in 2024, although a date hasn’t been confirmed yet. There is a chance that we’ll get it in the spring considering Season 6 started filming in May and the season arrived in September.

SEAL Team is available to stream on Paramount+.