Looking to stream Trolls Band Together at home? Here’s when it’ll likely come to Peacock

Trolls: Band Together key art
Trolls: Band Together key art /

Trolls Band Together will sing its way to theaters on Nov. 17 with solid expectations that it’ll be a Box Office hit due to the pre-holiday weekend. But what if you don’t want to leave your home and prefer to stream the latest Trolls movie instead? When will it be available on Peacock?

The movie is expected to drop on Peacock sometime in January 2024. Per Deadline, Universal films head to streaming 45 days after their theatrical release. However, this window can increase to up to 120 days if its a huge success. This would trigger a delayed streaming debut which would place the movie on Peacock sometime between February and March.

Universal holds the distribution rights to the film, and due to its 18-month contractual agreement with the streamer and Netflix, it’ll be allowed to stream on Peacock for four months, followed by Netflix for another ten months, and then Trolls Band Together will revolve back to Peacock for the remaining four months. In essence, if you’re not planning on seeing the latest Trolls release in theaters, you won’t have to wait too long to be able to stream it in the comfort of your home.

Get ready to rock out with Poppy, Branch, and Tiny Diamond as they make their return in the DreamWorks animated musical while meeting some new and cool characters. In this third theatrical installment for the franchise, Branch and Poppy are now a couple, so they’re still in that “getting to really know each other” stage. When Poppy discovers that Branch was in the most popular boy band, BroZone, with his older brothers as a youth, she explodes excitedly as BroZone was her favorite childhood band.

Another fun thing about the third installment is *NSYNC has reunited to perform new music, connecting the in-movie parallel of Branch reuniting with his brothers to embark on a rescue mission. On the journey, they learned some valuable lessons about family.

Trolls Band Together is a movie the whole family can enjoy whether you check it out in theaters or wait for the film to come to streaming. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for a streaming release date.

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