No, Thanksgiving is not streaming yet (But here’s where it’ll land)

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Amanda Barker “Lizzie”in TriStar Pictures and Spyglass Media Group, LLC THANKSGIVING /

Just in time for the holiday and the Black Friday craze, Thanksgiving is now playing in theaters. Unfortunately, the movie is not available on streaming, so you can’t watch this one from the comfort of your home — at least, not yet!

No Thanksgiving (or Christmas, for some) night is complete without a family movie. You know, the one that is either playing in the background as everyone gathers around the table or living room. Or it could also be the movie the family enjoys together with snacks and leftovers. For my family and I, it’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and the Home Alone franchise (the Kevin McCallister movies only).

This year, we can add a new movie to our holiday watch-list thanks to Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving. However, this one is not for kiddos! While I highly recommend watching the movie this year and every year after, save this one for the adults.

Based on Roth’s mock trailer of the same name from Grindhouse (2007), Thanksgiving is a slasher-mystery with a generous helping of violence. A year after a Black Friday riot resulted in multiple deaths, a killer is out to get revenge on those who participated in the tragedy.

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Thanksgiving is headed to Netflix after theaters

Right now, the only way to watch Eli Roth’s latest movie is going to your local movie theater. However, the movie will eventually become available on streaming. After it leaves the big screen, Thanksgiving will land on Netflix as part of a recent deal with Sony Pictures. No official announcement has yet been made, so we’ll keep you posted in case anything changes.

As far as when this will be, we’re not sure! Movies that premiere in theaters typically go to streaming anywhere from 45 days to three months after their release. Once a date is announced, we’ll update this post! Our best guess at the time of this writing is that it’ll stream early 2024.

The slasher stars Patrick Dempsey, Addison Rae, Milo Manheim, Nell Verlaque, and others.

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