Young and the Restless turns back the clock to 1993 for this year’s Thanksgiving episode

Eric Braeden - The Young and the Restless
Eric Braeden - The Young and the Restless /

On Thursday, Nov. 23’s episode of The Young and the Restless, viewers in the United States markets where the show is not preempted due to Thanksgiving, will see a classic show. It’s an episode that aired on Feb. 4, 1993, and includes Eve Howard (Margaret Mason) returning to Genoa City to meet with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

Devoted viewers know that Eve is the mother of Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck). Cole, who had not been seen since 1999, reappeared on Y&R this year during Thanksgiving week. Peck’s character was apparently lured to the lake house in Oregon by Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) and Claire Grace (Hayley Erin) as part of their plan to also draw Victor, Victoria (Amelia Heinle), and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) into a trap.

Also, as part of this classic episode, Ryan McNeil (Scott Reeves) and Nina Webster (Tricia Cast) have dinner at Gina Roma’s (Patty Weaver) restaurant. Gina is Danny Romalotti’s (Michael Damian) sister. Ryan, who was later killed in 2001, was married to Victoria (then played by Heather Tom) in the early ’90s and to Nina in the mid-90’s. Nick Newman (then played by John Alden) talks with Victoria about Ryan. Also, Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) and her then-nemesis, Lauren Fenmore Grainger (Tracey Bregman’s name at that point in the plot), who was married at that time to Scott Grainger (Peter Barton), talk about Brad Carlton (Don Diamont, who now plays Bill Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful).

The deceased character Margaret Mason played debuted in 1980. Eve served as Victor’s assistant at work. He was married to Julia Newman (Meg Bennett) during that pre-Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) era. Victor’s one-off involvement with Eve later led her to claim he was her son’s father falsely. Rick Daros (Randy Holland) was Cole’s father.

A lot happened as the years passed, with Eve’s instability fueling her attempt to kill Victor and being committed to a sanitarium. She eventually tried to stop Victor’s initial marriage to Nikki when attempting to kill her, with Casey interrupting. Rick, who was once romantically involved with Nikki, also tried to kill Thomas Scott’s character.

Like Eve, Rick was able to escape from a sanitarium. Amnesia prevented him from recalling his crimes and led to him becoming involved with Eve. The pair eventually fled to Europe. Many years later, in 1993, Eve returned.

When The Young and the Restless resumes airing new episodes on Monday, Nov. 27, we’ll be returned to the plot involving Nikki and Claire. The appearance of Claire last month was soon followed by the audience learning she was obsessed with the Newman family. Her initial phone conversation with Aunt Jordan was part of a revealed plot to kidnap Nikki.

Claire told Thomas Scott’s character that her aunt was an admirer and asked if she could meet Jordan in Oregon before flying on to the intended reunion with Casey Reed (Roberta Leighton). We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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