Sexual content among reasons Eileen is rated R


Eileen looks to be a fantastic new psychological thriller for moviegoers.

Based on the novel by Ottessa Moshfegh (who also adapted the screenplay with her husband, Luke Goebel), Eileen is set in 1960s Boston, telling the story of Eileen Dunlop (Thomasin McKenzie), who works at a prison. Living with her alcoholic father (Shea Whigham) and underappreciated at her job, Eileen contemplates taking her life amid other troubling fantasies.

Enter Rebecca (Anne Hathaway), the new prison psychiatrist who fascinates Eileen. The friendship turns into a possible romance that could bring up the inner darkness of both women. The pair are soon pulled together in a case involving a troubled inmate, which soon leads to a twisted tragedy and the threat of a romance that can get worse.

That looks to be a compelling tale, as the movie produces some amazing themes. But what is its rating and its strong content?

Per the MPAA, Eileen is rated R for “violent vontent, sexual Content and language”. Much of that seems to come from the prison setting, as well as Eileen’s troubled life with her father and the threat of violence. Several scenes revolve around the use of a gun and a brutal murder that will affect some viewers. That’s not to mention Eileen’s imagined suicides and a long discussion of abuse of a minor.

There’s also the sexual content with Eileen and Rebecca, and while there’s no nudity, there are some pretty wild scenes involving both women, along with some of Eileen’s wilder fantasies of hookups in prison. Combined with cursing, it’s little wonder the R-rating is so strong.

So, while Eileen looks like a terrific thriller with compelling performances, it may not be for everyone as its tone and themes could be too much for some viewers.

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Eileen premieres in theaters December 8.