2 ways Victor Newman's lie about Jordan's death could be revealed on Young and the Restless


Victor told everyone that Jordan is dead on The Young and the Restless. However, the audience is privy to the truth.

The incomparable Colleen Zenk's run has been extended several times. The most recent save happened when Victor secretly followed Nikki to a meeting with Jordan, waited until his wife left, then chloroformed the villainess and imprisoned her in the Newman Ranch basement.

It's natural for Eric Braeden's character to control the outcome of this situation. He feels that his family's awareness of her continued presence is untenable. So, the Moustache invented a compromise, but surely,  this deliciously diabolical villain will not live indefinitely behind bars with Victor as her jailer. Here's two ways that she could get out based on past storylines.

Jordan could be freed the way Julia Newman rescued Michael Scott from the bomb shelter

Longtime fans recall that this is not the first time Victor has held someone captive at the Ranch. His first wife, Julia (played by Meg Bennett, who recently died on April 11), had an affair with a photographer, Michael Scott.

Victor believed Julia became pregnant from Michael and kidnapped him, turning what was a bomb shelter under the Ranch into a prison. Eventually, Julia learned her husband was keeping Michael captive and freed him.

No man is known to be in love with Jordan. Fans are right to wonder if anyone has ever loved her, which could be why she has used her life cruelly. So, a known love interest can not play the hero, but there are other people who could discover Jordan.

Nikki is on a bender and probably needs help to catch onto Victor's hidden prisoner. But Claire is living at the Ranch in the Tack House with Victoria. Either lady or Cole, who visits regularly, is within proximity to smell something soapy and happen upon Jordan. While none of the trio would free her, they would likely push for a resolution.

Alternatively, Michael is suspicious of Victor's story about Jordan falling to her death. Christian Le Blanc's character had a specific conversation with Lauren about that subject, which positions him as someone who could uncover Jordan's existence.

Having Michael discover Jordan would be better for Victor as his lawyer and confidant could determine a path forward that prevents the legal system from becoming involved.

Jordan Howard could escape and imprison Victor Newman

A scenario where Jordan outwits Victor directly would seem implausible. However, the fans initially wondered if Victor had handled this matter independently.

One could assume that at least one member of his so-called security staff helped him take Jordan back to the ranch from the fateful meeting location where she first met Nikki. Also, would Victor have modernized the prison he used for Michael Scott alone? That seems highly unlikely.

Assuming Victor is using help, Jordan could outmaneuver that person or those people. Yet, if she were to escape her cell, running off would be too easy. So, why not reverse his fortunes and imprison Victor?

The above speculation would allow Jordan to exact the type of revenge she thirsts for. She could tell Victor what she intenda to do to his loved ones while he sits behind the bars he created for her, allowing Zenk's stay on the show to continue even further.


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