3 questions we have after watching the first two episodes of Criminal Record on Apple TV+

The first two episodes of Criminal Record are now streaming on Apple TV+ and we have all of the questions! But let's focus on three...
Criminal Record -- Courtesy of Apple TV+
Criminal Record -- Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

Apple TV+ may not offer as many movies or shows as streamer giants Netflix or Hulu, but it's not a platform you want to sleep on by any means. At Hidden Remote, we believe it is quality over quantity, and this is where Apple TV+ wins. Their latest hit series? Criminal Record, starring Cush Jumbo and Peter Capaldi.

Spoiler alert! If you missed the premiere episode of the crime drama, please note there are spoilers ahead. Go stream the episodes on Apple TV+ before reading on.

The crime-thriller, created and written by Paul Rutman, follows June Lenker (Jumbo), a Detective Sergeant who works at an emergency call center in London. After being assigned to investigate a call, June begins to uncover a web of lies and possible corruption. June is a fairly new detective, just under two years into her career, so, as you can imagine, she is full of hope and drive. This is a great characteristic to have, but not if you ask reputable Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Hegarty (Capaldi), who wants nothing more than to make this case disappear.

Let's dive in! Here are some questions we'll be wondering about until episode 3 streams on Jan. 17.

Who is the anonymous caller?

In the premiere episode, the emergency call center receives a call from a woman who refuses to identify herself. The caller is begging for help from a public phone booth, but leaves before the authorities arrive. This is strange, because, if your hope is for the cops to arrive and help, why not offer them your name? My guess? The anonymous caller only wanted to tip the police about Clive Silcox.

According to the caller, Clive Silcox (Andrew Booke) murdered his ex-girlfriend and an innocent man, Errol Mathis (Tom Moutchi) has been wrongfully convicted of this crime. Could the caller be a friend of Mathis? Perhaps even just an enemy or victim of Silcox getting revenge?

Why did Errol Mathis take the blame for Adelaide Burrowes?

It doesn't take long for audiences to see that Errol Mathis is a good guy. Not only did he love Adelaide, but he cared for her son, Patrick -- and still does! Errol calls Patrick from prison to check in on him, though Patrick refuses to talk to him. Why would Errol accept the blame for such a horrible crime? Someone must've threatened Errol with something huge. Luckily, June Lenker is on the case to figure this out.

What is Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Hegarty hiding?

Detective Hegarty knows more about this case than he is letting other believe. But why lie? The way I see it, it's either because Hegarty is a corrupted detective or just a stubborn man who is determined to save his reputation? He may have tricked June, but she is not going to give up that easily!

Don't miss the third episode of Criminal Record next Wednesday, Jan. 17, exclusively on Apple TV+.