Abbott Elementary gets ready to party in the season 3 finale! (Episode 14 preview)

Janine is celebrating the end of the year with her co-workers and friends. Find out what to expect in the episode below!
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The end of Abbott Elementary season 3 isn't a celebration as we're definitely going to miss the show while it's on a break. But, the Abbott gang is ready to party in the finale tonight as they get ready for summer to arrive! What's in store for our favorite characters?

Season 3 episode 14, "Party," airs tonight, May 22, 2024, starting at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. Whether you miss it live or want to watch it again, you'll be able to do so on Hulu tomorrow, Thursday. This is the season finale, though don't you worry! The hit comedy has already been renewed for season 4, and will be returning in fall 2024. Wohoo! So what's going to happen in this evening's episode? Check out the synopsis below:

"It’s the last day of school! Ahead of summer vacation, Janine throws the perfect end-of-year party for her colleagues and friends, taking all their interests into consideration. "

Based on the promotional photos, it looks like Janine is hosting the party at her apartment and everyone she knows and is friends with is invited! In the feature image above, we see Barabara and Melissa there. In the back, there's a cardboard cutout of former basketball player Allen Iverson from the Philadelphia 76ers. If you remember back in season 2 episode 18, "Teacher Appreciation," the district provides two tickets to a basketball game, and everyone at the school fights over them. So clearly, many of the staff members are fans of the sport and team.

And knowing Janine, that's not the only thoughtful element she included at her party. In the below image, Mr. Johnson and Gregory are there with a bunch of board games on the table. Perhaps everyone's favorite school janitor enjoys playing games. We can also see Janine's bestie, Erika, is also in attendance.

(Disney/Gilles Mingasson) /
(Disney/Gilles Mingasson) /

It wouldn't be a party without Janine's district buddies! Manny, Simon, and Emily also stop by the party. But, perhaps things are getting out of hand? What's with the broken plates on the floor? I mean, this is not a huge apartment. Something is bound to happen with so many people in a small space. I'm curious about where Ava is, as she doesn't pop up in any of the photos. She probably didn't want to show up, though I feel like FOMO would hit her hard. We'll have to wait and see!

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I am curious to know if there's any kind of resolve or step forward when it comes to Janine and Gregory's currently nonexistent relationship. Last week in season 3 episode 13, "Smith Playground," it seemed like progress was finally going to happen between the two. After Gregory's outburst at the bar in episode 11, he resolved to tell Janine his feelings. And Jacob being Jacob couldn't keep that from her. She was excited, and I was waiting for the moment to finally happen.

But, Mr. Morton comes in with his depressing story of how he and his ex-wife used to work together as teachers, classes were next to each other, and now they resent each other and Morton had to change schools. This makes Janine and Gregory scared, as it sounds very familiar and exactly like their situation. And so, neither confesses their feelings.

Elsewhere, it was Abbott vs. the snobby Addington school on the field trip at the park. But at the end of the day, all the teachers learned a lesson - kids will be kids and don't see differences when they start to play together. With all the hints of Manny and Janine not dating, him showing up in the finale, and Gregory not getting a chance to talk to Janine about wanting to be together, I'm kind of nervous that Manny will beat him to it. And I don't know how to feel about that!

Don't miss the Abbott Elementary season 3 finale tonight, May 22, 2024, starting at 9 p.m. ET on ABC!

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