ABC's Golden Bachelor isn't canceled but it is on ice

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If you take a look at ABC's 2024-2025 schedule, you'll notice that there is a glaring absence. While we can anticipate the debut of The Golden Bachelorette in Fall 2024, and another season of The Bachelor in the midseason, The Golden Bachelor was nowhere to be found. Of course, this has raised the question of whether or not the dissolution of the marriage between Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist after just three months of wedded bliss is the reason.

This iteration of the beloved reality dating/marriage franchise won hearts as audience members fell in love with the cast and their desire to find romance in their golden years. Plus, with a one hour format, it was low commitment for newcomers to Bachelor Nation who weren't up for camping out for two hours on the couch each week. While ABC had never formally renewed The Golden Bachelor, though the network did tease a season 2 during the first season by opening up nominations for the next lead, it was expected that the show would return.

And return it shall, according to ABC TV Group President Craig Erwich, he told Deadline the following about the series:

"I think Golden Bachelor is a show that’s about finding love at a later age. It’s incredibly root-able, it’s aspirational, and that franchise and those values extend to a lot of different people and a lot of different stories. So we’re very dedicated to this franchise."

But in his statement, there was no word on when we can expect The Golden Bachelor to make its come back. Given the schedule has been announced for the upcoming TV season, it won't be in 2024. Perhaps we can hope for a new leading man for the 2025-2026 television year. It's possible that with the franchise expanding, Bachelor Nation may have to contend with the Golden entries alternating, giving us a new bachelor (or bachelorette) every two years instead of every year.

As for Bachelor in Paradise, as Hidden Remote previously reported, it's MIA as well and also on ice. No word has been given on why that is, but it's odd. To be clear, the series hasn't been canceled but its absence from ABC's summer schedule, and its 2024-2025 schedule as well, is worrisome. Perhaps it's being held for the television year after next, maybe they're retooling. Hopefully, we'll receive word soon. Until then, stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more news and coverage!