All the deaths in Role Play, including one that could lead to a sequel

Role Play -- Courtesy of Amazon
Role Play -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Since Role Play is an action comedy about an assassin, you can bet there was more than one death in the film. In fact, it opened with Emma taking her target out while simply walking past him. But the real meat and potatoes are the kills that were personal and that's what we're focusing on with this hit list!

First up is Bob, the gun for hire who clocked Emma while she was sitting in the hotel bar waiting on Dave. He chatted her up, clearly fishing to see if he'd spotted his target without having to do any leg work and, boy, was he jazzed to see her. But he got sloppy. See, Bob, bought shots for himself, Emma, and Dave and that was his fatal mistake.

Emma let him in on that little secret when she went up to his room, after ensuring Dave was safely knocked out in their hotel room. Bob thought he was going to be extorting her, fleecing her for a high percentage of her gun for hire intake, but Emma was waiting out her timer. When he was distracted at the bar with his shot, she'd slipped a dose of poison into his other drink.

As she explained this to him, the affects of what she'd dosed him with began to set in. Bob put up a fight despite his body shutting down on him and the loss of his eyesight, but it was futile. His plans to coerce Emma had been dashed and he was paying the price for it with his life.

Raj's attempt to help gets him killed

The lone kill in Role Play that doesn't belong to Emma is Raj's demise. He'd been her handler. Working under the guise of being her manager at the non-existent firm that she told her husband she's employed by, Raj kept Emma and her family safe. She paid him to make sure her real work couldn't be traced back to her but, unfortunately, when she didn't heed his warning to lay low for awhile, the jig was up.

Raj picked Emma up in Berlin when she was on the run. He tried to tell her she was living in a fantasy world if she thought she could just get new identities for herself, and her family, and this would all sort itself out. But, nonetheless, he was willing to help her. When Emma ran off to go take care of the Sovereign agents tailing him, Raj pulled off in the car they'd taken. However, he circled back to assist Emma and that's how he met his demise.

As he was yelling for her to get in the car, they two took on gunfire from a Sovereign agent who spotted them. The bullets pierced through the vehicle and Raj took a hit to the stomach. He got them away from the area, but he was bleeding out too badly to be helped and he died in the car.

Emma takes out the Sovereign agents in her way at Carver's compound

Never mind the string of agents who got a taste of Emma's expertise in Berlin, the one's at Carver's place were standing in-between the assassin and her family. This did mean, of course, that Dave had to take one for the time (in the form of a gut shot inflicted by Emma), so that she could trick two agents into thinking she killed her husband like Carver wanted.

One agent died whilst she was inspecting Dave. She was exasperated with Emma for not helping, but her annoyance didn't last for long because Emma took her out with a shot to the back of the head. She accomplished this by effectively using the blind spot of the sniper watching them. Once she'd finished up with the one agent, she went after the sniper. Then, while she instructed Dave to wait by a van, she took out another agent with a knife.

Ji and Emma may go way back but that doesn't mean she gets a pass

The last definitive kill by Emma is Ji's death. The two battle it out in Carver's living room. It's a knockout, drag out fight full of broken everything, to be honest. At one point, Ji thinks that she has Emma on the ropes, she's attempting to choke her, but then she becomes very aware of Emma's knife heading straight for her neck. It's a bit of a struggle but Emma does stab her and then makes her way into the woods to go after Carver who'd run off.

Is Carver really dead?

This is the big question for me at the tail end of Role Play. Yes, Carver and Emma had their confrontation. As Carver continued to appeal to the bond the two shared because she raised the assassin, Emma kept her talking and nervous enough to keep shooting at wherever she thought her voice was coming from. Carver wasn't paying attention to her ammunition and when her clip ran out, Emma jumped her from out of nowhere.

As they fell, Emma got a shot off which left Carver bleeding from her side. She told her former protegé to finish her off, but Emma wouldn't. She went after her family instead which means it's entirely possible that Carver didn't die especially since Dave only incapacitated the guard watching their children, he didn't kill him. We'll have to see if this means a sequel is being considered.

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