All the network and cable TV shows coming to Hulu in June 2024

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With The Bear dropping June 27 on Hulu, all eyes are going to be on the streamer as we all tuck back into Carmy's quest to turn his family's restaurant into a Michelin-starred eatery. But, outside of its own original series, the platform has a host of series to dive into throughout the month--including the full seventh season of hit procedural 9-1-1 which had its finale on Thursday, May 30.

More network TV from the tail end of May that will be available is Gordon Ramsay's Food All-Stars season 2, Beat Shazam season 8, new FOX game show The Quiz with Balls, and MasterChef: Generations which will all release new episodes weekly the day after they air on ABC. As for June, be ready for a truckload of reality TV to be coming to the streamer with the majority of offerings available to stream on the first of the month!

For fans of CBS' competition series, The Amazing Race seasons 18-21 and Survivor seasons 9-10 and 26-27 can be streamed as early as June 1. Each iteration of the shows set to land on Hulu looks to be interesting:

The Amazing Race

  • Season 18 - Subtitled 'Unfinished Business' the season features 11 teams of two. The contestants had appeared in the competition before and this was their redemption run.
  • Season 19 - Survivor winners Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca competed in this season.
  • Season 20 - Big Brother contestants Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly competed along with two federal agents.
  • Season 21 - In this season, if the team that wins the first leg also wins the last, they can double their money to $2 million dollars.


  • Vanuatu — Islands of Fire (season 9) initially divided the tribes by gender which had only happened once before on the Amazon iteration of the show.
  • Palau (season 10) had 20 contestants which was more than had been in a single season at the time.
  • Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites (season 26) featured 10 returning contestants competing with 10 contestants new to the franchise
  • Blood vs. Water (season 27) also featured returning contestants, however, the new cast members are their loved ones.

If you're a fan of HGTV's programming, you're in for a treat as seasons from programming like Caribbean Life and House Hunters will be dropping for your viewing pleasure. The latter franchise's International edition is set to have another season come to the platform as well. So you'll be able to enjoy couples, families, single people, and friends search for their new abodes both in the U.S. and overseas.

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TV shows coming to Hulu in June

June 1

  • Ace of Cakes season 9
  • Alaskan Bush People seasons 5-7
  • The Amazing Race seasons 18-21
  • Bahamas Life season 4
  • Caribbean Life season 14
  • Chopped seasons 51-54
  • Hawaii Life season 1
  • House Hunters: International season 139
  • House Hunters season 171
  • Island Life season 17
  • Maine Cabin Masters season 7
  • Survivor seasons 9-10 and 26-27
  • Welcome to Plathville seasons 2-3

June 3

  • World Eats: Bread season 1

June 4

  • Erased: WWII Heroes of Color
  • Name That Tune season 4 (new episodes release weekly)

June 10

  • Restaurant Startup (complete series)
  • Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (complete series)
  • WAGS (complete series)
  • WAGS Atlanta (complete series)
  • WAGS Miami (complete series)

June 19

  • Cesar Milan: Better Human, Better Dog season 4
  • To Catch a Smuggler season 7
  • Wicked Tuna season 13

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