America Ferrera's Golden Globes snub makes no sense after her iconic Barbie speech

America Ferrera delivered the best moment of Barbie with her now-iconic speech. So how could she not get a Golden Globe nomination?
Barbie movie, Warner Bros.
Barbie movie, Warner Bros. /

Awards shows and snubs often go hand in hand. Yet it's still amazing that with the Golden Globes upon us and Barbie expected to do well, America Ferrera didn't get nominated for what many would agree was the best part of the film. 

Barbie has been one of 2023's top movie stories. What was expected to be just a fun comedy based on the iconic toy line instead wowed critics with its take on how Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) undergo an existential crisis that changes their outlooks on the world. 

The film has been hailed for its sharp satire and writer/director Greta Gerwig managing to make the movie fun while also giving it a good message. Barbie's box office take was a stunning $1.4 billion worldwide and it smashed viewing numbers on MAX. 

It's no surprise the Golden Globes are going wild for it as the movie has racked up nine nominations, including Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, and nominations for Robbie, Gosling, and Gerwig. 

Yet, amazingly, the Globes ignored America Ferrera despite how her turn as Gloria delivering the movie's biggest moment which got its message wonderfully across.

Why America Ferrera should have been nominated for a Golden Globe

Gloria's role at first looked a bit cliche, the Mattel employee startled when Barbie came into her life. It was her playing with Barbie dolls in an odd way that caused Barbie's new attitude. They returned to Barbieland only to find Ken had gotten the other Kens together to set up a patriarchy that indoctrinates the Barbies into submissive roles like housewife and maid. 

Barbie was heartbroken at this, and Gloria launched into the speech. The bold two-minute monologue on the challenges of women, how they have to be everything at once yet always judged but they keep trying. As Gloria put it, "I'm just so tired of watching myself and every single other woman tie herself into knots so that people will like us. And if all of that is also true for a doll just representing women, then I don't even know."

The speech was a massive favorite with Ferrera speaking on how this moment alone got her to sign onto the role. It's the biggest film role for Ferrera, who did win a Globe for her breakout performance as Ugly Betty. She's obviously channeling her own feelings and experiences into her words to make it raw and heartfelt. So many in the audience could agree with every word and it's no wonder it became a viral sensation.

Given all of the buzz and praise around the scene, Ferrera deserved a Supporting Actress nomination. Granted, she'd be up against tough competition--like Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Emily Blunt, Julianne Moore and others--but it makes little sense the Globes could be celebrating Barbie with a near-record number of nominations but leave off Ferrera for this amazing scene. 

We can hope other awards (such as the Oscars) will recognize Ferrera as this fantastic monologue was one of 2023's best movie moments and should have made Ferrera a favorite to add another Globe to her shelf. 

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