Annika Noelle has a certain Taylor Swift song pegged for Hope's new anthem

Annika Noelle "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set Gallery Shoot Photo Courtesy of The Bold and The Beautiful © Howard Wise/
Annika Noelle "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set Gallery Shoot Photo Courtesy of The Bold and The Beautiful © Howard Wise/ /

Hope is slipping into delusional behavior on The Bold and the Beautiful when it comes to her exaggerated perception of her friendship with Finn. But it's producing some spice on the soap as she fantasizes about Steffy's husband. We all know that only spells trouble but in an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Annika Noelle explained that Hope is in denial.

We've seen that first hand as she nervously told her mother, Brooke, on Wednesday, June 12's episode, that she simply admires Finn and went on to say that she doesn't think that Steffy understands him the way that she does. The record scratch that happened in that moment for her mom was hilarious but her demand that she not rock the boat by being inappropriate with Finn in anyway is going to have the opposite effect.

As Noelle put it, "Subconsciously, I think Hope is in kind of a reckless, ‘Don’t tell me what to do’ kind of mode. And also still deep in denial," which echoes what Steffy told Finn. Hope is lost right now without Thomas and Douglas and when Hope is lost, she gets reckless. The manifestation of said behavior is her inappropriate attraction to Finn that's threatening to get wildly out of control. Any pressing about this though is not going to have the response Brooke wants.

While elaborating on this point, Noelle named dropped a song off of Taylor Swift's latest album The Tortured Poets Department and it's certainly apt. We can expect the following to unfold:

"'I know that he’s Steffy’s husband, Mom. You don’t have to tell me. I would never! It’s not inappropriate, we’re just friends.’ You know, the whole thing of, ‘A girl can look at the menu, she just can’t order.’ I mean, Taylor Swift’s ‘Guilty As Sin,’ that might be her theme song right now [laughs]! She is just kind of brushing it off and not taking her mother’s concerns seriously."

We all know what happened the last time Hope didn't heed her mother's words. Before the trip to Rome, Brooke warned Hope that the connection between a designer and his muse can be heady. She didn't want her daughter to make a mistake that she couldn't walk back. At the time, Hope was having fantasies about Thomas even when she was intimate with her then husband, Liam Spencer.

Hope couldn't come to terms with what was happening and wouldn't acknowledge that she was in danger of breaking her wedding vows. So, when she got caught up after the successful launch of the new Hope for the Future collection, she gave into her desire and kissed Thomas. They spent the rest of the trip together being inappropriately affectionate and akin to lovers. What she didn't know was that Liam had come to Rome to surprise her and had seen what she'd done. That was the catalyst for their divorce.

Now she's in a similar position except she's the one who is single. Finn is her friend but that's all he's supposed to be. He assured Steffy that she has nothing to worry about, basically dismissing any possibility that there could be anything more between him and Hope. But Hope is out here imagining steamy situations. There's no way this won't get incredibly messy before she comes to her senses.

In the meantime, since Noelle mentioned it, I'm not going to be able to watch this storyline without "Guilty as Sin" running through my mind. Check out the song below and stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more news and coverage!