Apple TV continues to be a must-have for soccer fans thanks to MLS Season Pass

Following the success of the hit soccer comedy series Ted Lasso, Apple TV continues to be a must-have destination for soccer fans thanks to MLS Season Pass.
Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Apple TV found its greatest success in the hit comedy series Ted Lasso, and in the process of its audience falling in love with the series, the network got the attention of many soccer fans -- including Ted Lasso fans who came to love the sport. So when Apple TV launched MLS Season Pass in 2023 around the same time that Ted Lasso aired its final season, the connection made perfect sense.

Ahead of the 2024 MLS Season, which officially kicks off on February 21 with a highly anticipated match between Inter Miami FC and Real Salt Lake, Apple TV has confirmed that their MLS Season Pass subscription is also returning. And because Apple TV and MLS are in a 10-year partnership, you can expect at least 8 more years of incredible live soccer game coverage.

The interest in soccer in the US is set to see even more of a boom this upcoming season with the addition of superstar Lionel Messi coming to the league. And even though the Richmond Greyhounds are sadly not a real-life team, there are still many reasons to be excited about the upcoming MLS season, including the fact that viewing games is now more accessible than ever before thanks to MLS Season Pass.

What is an MLS Season Pass subscription?

MLS Season Pass is a subscriber based streaming platform that shows every MLS game along with in-depth coverage and analysis of games and teams. The subscription service is available in over 100 countries and has no blackouts. So you can watch any MLS game live from anywhere, and it's all housed in one place -- something that's not offered for other popular professional sports leagues.

Calen Carr, a former professional soccer player who is now a match analyst for the streaming service spoke on why MLS Season Pass is a game-changing deal for fans. Aside from the amazing volume of live game content, Carr said that the platform is designed to prioritize fans and bring fans into the energy of each game. Carr said it's about bringing "the electric atmosphere of the stadium into the living rooms around the world."

Live sports executive director for Apple TV, Royce Dickerson, said Apple is also prioritizing fans in the design and execution of MLS Season Pass. "Something that's really important to us is making sure that the fans and the customers are always served at the forefront of our mind," Dickerson shared. "We've seen the energy in the stadiums and like the fact that we can bring that to everybody every Saturday is just something that we're really proud of at Apple."

Dickerson also spoke on the innovation and interactivity that the global streaming service provides for subscribers. Apple is able to take feedback from fans into consideration each day and then alter their content to help better meet fans' needs. "When we're getting fan feedback on social media, we can make tweaks in match day and in production based on what we're getting from our customers," he said. So take that as your invitation to provide constructive feedback and compliments the next time you're watching, but no matter how many times we ask Apple, we're probably still not getting Ted Lasso Season 4.

How can I sign up for MLS Season Pass on Apple TV?

While this is a paid subscription service with both monthly and annual fee options, the good news is that you do not need to be an Apple TV+ subscriber to be able to sign up for MLS Season Pass. All subscribers can watch all MLS matches, including playoffs, with no blackouts, and you can learn more about the subscription options and other club content on the platform's home page.

MLS Season Pass is available through the Apple TV app on Apple devices, smart TVs, streaming devices, set-top boxes, game consoles, and online at To learn more about the full 2024 MLS schedule, check out this breakdown for your favorite club.