Bill isn't Luna's father or so Poppy says (Bold and the Beautiful recap Jan. 29, 2024)

The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/
The Bold and The Beautiful Lisa Yamada as Luna Photo © Howard Wise/ /

Poppy did answer Luna about whether or not Bill is her father. She said, "No," but with this being The Bold and the Beautiful and Poppy's emotional reaction to being questioned, I wonder if we're supposed to take her answer at face value.

Luna has apparently asked her mom about various men in her life over the years and whether they're her dad. Poppy has always told her that they weren't and treated the idea as if it's ridiculous. When her daughter pressed her about Bill, even inappropriately asking if the two had been intimate at the music festival they met at over 20 years ago, Poppy shut the line of questioning down.

Then she tried to persuade Luna into believing that she didn't really need to know about the other half of her parentage because they have each other. It wasn't fair, if we're being completely honest. It's understandable that Luna wants to know who her father is, and Poppy's fear is keeping her from learning the truth.

As she broke down about her struggle raising her as a single mother whilst also talking about motherhood being something she takes so much pride in, Poppy only wanted Luna to focus on the unit they've created together as a family. Luna tried to explain to her that wanting to know this information isn't her trying to look for better or displace her mom, she just wants to know parts of herself that don't come from Poppy.

It's because of Poppy's rather emotional display that I'm wondering if she lied to her daughter. There was a wave of fear that rose from the woman that seems to stem from feeling like she thinks that if Luna knew about her dad she would no longer be enough for her. No amount of reassurance from her child has healed that fear, so if Bill is her father, Poppy could be lying so that she doesn't lose Luna to the life and wealth he can provide for her that she can't.

Luna's still supposed to be suspicious of Poppy's secrets in tomorrow's episode, so this plot may be put to bed for now, but it'll come up again at some point. We also have a conversation waiting in the wings between Luna and RJ since his "subtle" interrogation of Bill didn't really bear fruit while Luna's with her mom did come with an answer to their question.

The rest of RJ's discussion with Bill was about the beach house since the lease has been signed. It was interesting to hear that the Forrester heir apparent can't change anything about the decor in the home. Now, that could have just been included for the audience so we don't get any big ideas about the space changing anytime soon, or it might signal that RJ won't be in this place long depending on how storylines play out on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Brooke and Ridge find out about Thomas' proposal

It was only a matter of time before Hope and Thomas' parents would find out about the proposal. Thomas told Ridge while they were working in the CEO's office at Forrester Creations. Ridge was chill about it but did want to make sure his son was giving Hope the time she needs to make her decision. Thomas hasn't been pressuring her and he's just glad that they're together. If she does say yes, he confessed that it would make him the happiest man in the world.

Brooke, however, didn't have a calm reaction. Hope seemingly told her in a spiteful moment as the two were spending time together in her cabin. Their conversation started off light enough. They'd been admiring a picture of Beth's. She'd been directed to capture how she was feeling at the time so she made something that was sunny and happy like she is. But when their talk shifted to Thomas, things took a turn.

Hope's mom hasn't be shy about how she feels regarding her relationship with Thomas, though she referred to it as a "situation." Brooke did make a good point that it's not fair of Hope to be stringing Thomas along if she doesn't feel the same way he does. But she made the mistake of calling their romance a "reaction" to the end of her marriage with Liam.

Not liking Brooke's tone or word choice, Hope pulled her engagement ring out of her shirt to show her mom that she is serious about Thomas. Brooke was shocked. She couldn't believe that she was seriously considering having a life with the man who'd hidden the fact that her daughter was alive. It's been a repeated refrain by Brooke, but Hope has been adamant that Thomas has changed.

She told her mom that the only reason she hasn't given Thomas an answer is because she has things she needs to figure out for herself before she does. Hope wants to make sure the kids are also doing well before she makes another life altering decision. After all, it hasn't been that long since her and Liam's marriage ended.

Brooke felt that Thomas shouldn't have proposed with Hope's divorce being so fresh, which I agree, but it was hypocritical of her to expect him to wait when most people on this soap do not. Liam once proposed to Hope before he'd even signed the papers to annul his marriage to Steffy. Thomas didn't do anything that anyone else hasn't done.

Hope has begun to realize that Brooke will likely never believe Thomas has changed. It doesn't matter what he does to prove himself, it won't be enough. She asked her if she wants her to be happy, and Brooke said she does but like she was happy with Liam. Again, the hypocrisy. What Thomas did was grounds for never, ever getting in a romantic relationship with him, let alone carrying on anytime relationship, period. But Hope's marriage to Liam wasn't a bastion of peace, tranquility, and commitment as she reminded Brooke. Liam left her not the other way around.

Still, with tears in her eyes, Brooke basically begged an alarmed Hope not to say yes to Thomas' proposal. For the sake of the drama, I hope we get an answer from her soon so this doesn't continue to drag out. I want to see the family begin to take sides when there's an engagement and pending wedding as an actual possibility.

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