Blue Bloods will return in April with new episodes, here's when!

Blue Bloods sadly has to take off the rest of March thanks to March Madness, but here's when it returns for its final season!

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Blue Bloods is taking off the rest of March but will return soon! Here’s when you can enjoy the next Reagan family dinner event!

Blue Bloods fans were saddened by the news that the hit drama's 14th season would also be its last. Thankfully, they have time to prepare, as CBS announced the final year would be split in two, with 10 episodes in the spring and then 8 more in the fall. That has led to some hopes from fans that CBS might change its mind and find a way to bring it back for another year.

There are complications to that as the large cast requires a large budget to the point the cast agreed to pay cuts in order to keep the show going for Season 14. Yet the series remains one of CBS’s best hits as evidenced by this year.

Like all CBS shows, the series was delayed from the fall of 2023 thanks to the Hollywood strikes. It finally started filming in November and premiered on Feburary 16. It did take a week off on March 8 before Episode 4 aired on March 15. 

Sadly, Blue Bloods is going to be taking the next few weeks off, but that’s for a reason fans are long used to: March Madness. As always, CBS will be covering the opening rounds of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, which means that weekend programming is going to be off for the last weeks of March. It’s something fans have grown accustomed to as the show works around this break. 

So when does Blue Bloods return to the CBS airwaves?

When does Blue Bloods Season 14 return?

Per CBS/Paramount’s website, the next new Blue Bloods episode will be on Friday, April 5. There’s no information on the episode, even its title, but it closes out a week where CBS will be unveiling new episodes of various shows following reruns.

It may be annoying to fans that Season 14 is taking a break just as it’s getting started, but blame it on the longstanding contract between CBS and the NCAA to have March Madness take priority. There’s also the fact that with only 10 episodes set for the first half of the season, the network would be taking breaks to ensure it makes the planned May finale date. That leads to a summer break before production starts on the final episodes of the show.

Thus, it’s the typical March break for Blue Bloods but hopefully some great new storytelling coming when it returns in April.

Blue Bloods Season 14 returns Friday April 5 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS and streaming on Paramount+.