Bold and the Beautiful did air today (May 31) on CBS but not in full

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The Bold and the Beautiful was preempted today, May 31, 2024, on CBS due to President Biden addressing America about former President Trump's felony conviction on all 34 counts of falsifying business records, and a new proposal from Israel which provides a path to a ceasefire.

As is typical when the president has a press conference, the network broke into its regularly scheduled programming to cover his speech along with any questions that might be asked by the press followed by analysis provided by CBS News reporters and anchors. Fans of Young and the Restless that didn't get to watch the soap live will be able to stream Friday's episode on Paramount+, as the daytime drama wasn't pulled off air for the address.

Rest assured, Bold fans, you'll be able to watch Friday's episode of the soap as well. Five minutes of the daytime program aired after the press conference which means that it will be released on Paramount+ instead of being held for Monday. Here's what you can expect!


Friday, May 31's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful features a conversation between Katie and RJ where she learns that her ex-husband Bill could be Luna Nozawa's father. She's skeptical of the possibility and, to RJ's surprise, thinks that Poppy might be trying to pull one over on Bill. RJ doesn't think so and thinks the bright side could be that his cousin Will could be getting a sister.

Meanwhile, across the hall in Forrester Creation's CEO office, Hope and Brooke are standing their ground on keeping the Hope for the Future line despite Steffy stating that she wants to cut it because it's underperforming. Steffy had Carter back her up because the project numbers aren't looking good. Hope has blamed her former rival for the position she's in because she believes her ex, Thomas, wouldn't have left if Steffy hadn't convinced him to go to Paris.

Closing out the episode, Bill and Luna decided to take the home paternity test that Poppy brought to the Spencer estate. But the test has yet to be taken, so we're still waiting to know whether Bill will finally have the daughter many viewers have hoped he might have.

Based on the preview, the week of June 3 will bring us back to the paternity plot as Li dramatically enters the picture, Hope continues to accuse Steffy of trying to ruin her life, and Ridge asks Brooke if she'll help him and Steffy push the company further.

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