Hope declares war on Steffy! Another Logans vs. Forresters feud is brewing on Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set Gallery Shoot Photo Courtesy of The Bold and The Beautiful © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com
Annika Noelle "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set Gallery Shoot Photo Courtesy of The Bold and The Beautiful © Howard Wise/jpistudios.com /

The gloves are off! After going toe-to-toe with Steffy Forrester at Forrester Creations and getting nowhere on Thursday May 30's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope Logan went charging off to the family mansion to let her mother know lines were being drawn. Steffy has been adamant that she's considering canceling Hope for the Future because it's been floundering since her brother, Thomas, left for Paris in the wake of his break-up with Hope.

In the office, Hope stood her ground insisting that Steffy couldn't make a decision like this without her input. I know, wild claim since Steffy is Co-CEO and Hope is decidedly not. But, to be fair, while there are grounds to pull the line--it's projected numbers aren't good, it's got a steep overhead on top of the charitable work it does, the designers on the brand could be better used elsewhere particularly since it was Thomas' vision that's solely responsible for the line's success in recent years, and Hope herself isn't a designer so the brand will always be pinned on someone else's design work--this "business decision" is coming after Hope decided to support her father's marriage to Sheila Carter, the birth mother of Finn, Steffy's husband.

Except that's not why Hope thinks Steffy is doing this. Understandably upset, and brewing with anger, Hope told her mother Brooke and her aunts, Donna and Katie, that Steffy was being vindictive because she simply wants to take everything from her. Y'all, I had to check the calendar date because that talking point is over a decade old and was only partially true back in the late 2000s and early 2010s because Steffy was still grieving the loss of her twin sister, Phoebe, and was forcing Hope to pay for Brooke's sins as the woman who broke up the union between Steffy's parents--Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes.

If there is an ulterior motive for Steffy's actions, it has to do with Hope's influence over Finn, and Steffy's clear warning that she wouldn't tolerate anyone near him who tries to convince him he should give his birth mother a chance at being in his life. While I agree with Hope that Finn should be making that decision for himself, tacking on my own belief that it would then be up to Steffy to decide if she can tolerate that as long as she and her kids aren't involved, there was no mincing of words on Steffy's part. Anyone who disrupts her home life is going to be on the wrong side of her ire and that is exactly where Hope has found herself.

Ready to call down fire and brimstone herself, Hope told her family that she's not going to standby and watch Steffy continue to take from her. Unable to accept that Thomas left her, and took their son with him, because she was unable to tell him whether she saw marriage in the future for them, Hope has laid the blame for her unhappiness at Steffy's doorstep. It's why she's threatening to rain fury down on her former rival, is ready to go to war for HFTF, and is set to ignite another Logans vs. Forresters feud if that's how Steffy wants to play things.

Interestingly, however, her family didn't look to be ready to release the dogs of war. They looked on, upset on her behalf but not brimming with rage, and they didn't back her call. Now, that could be because Hope's passionate speech ended the episode. Or they're going to hold off on triggering a feud just yet in the hopes that there can be some kind of compromise that's worked out.

We know from the preview for the week that Brooke will be going to bat for Hope. We also know that she's ready to be more hands on at the business but it's yet to be shared in what capacity she'd be working. The Co-CEO titles are already spoken for, and I'm doubtful even if Brooke tried to influence Ridge, and Donna did the same with Eric, that Steffy's father and grandfather would strip her of a title she's earned, worked hard for, and has flourished in.

Unlike Hope, Steffy has a proven track record of her own. Her power is derived from her expertise as a business woman and the position she holds because of it. Unfortunately, Hope cannot say the same. Her line is always in jeopardy once Thomas leaves which means her success is contingent on someone else's talent. She can't hold onto her HFTF through her own merit and has had to go running to her mother who has influence and power that she does not.

Aside from past success, which isn't due to her own work, Hope has nothing to support a push to keep her line. In fact, losing HFTF might actually benefit her character since her expertise is in philanthropy not design. It would make more sense for her to run the Forrester Foundation. But, if Hope's brand does get canceled, her revenge is going to be making sure she's a thorn in Steffy's side when it comes to Finn. Summer on The Bold and the Beautiful looks primed to heat up!