Bold and the Beautiful teases the murder suspects for [Spoiler]'s death

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Spoiler alert! The Bold and the Beautiful is primed to give us a murder mystery in July, kicking off the first of the month with an unexpected death.

The soap returned us to the argument between Poppy and Tom as they faced off over who Luna's father truly is. Even when she told her ex that her sister Li, a licensed physician, administered the paternity test and that the results were Bill Spencer is Luna's father, Tom wouldn't hear of it. He threatened to track Luna down himself to tell her "the truth." Settled on his future plans, which alarmed Poppy, he dismissed her to get ready for his set.

Sometime later, after locating the blue sports drink he'd been sipping on all day, Tom played live for the crowd at Il Giardino. His performance was well received but while he was in the middle of thanking everyone for coming out, he collapsed. Sheila, Deacon, and Hollis rushed to his aide but tomorrow's episode is likely to declare that Tom died since the spoilers foretold of a death on the horizon.

Who killed Tom on Bold and the Beautiful? (Speculation)

The big question we're left with is who slipped a mysterious powder into his drink which likely caused his demise. And, no, it doesn't seem like it's going to be as simple as blaming Poppy given there were three surprising characters who made appearances at Il Giardino and were looking mighty suspicious--Li, Jack, and Justin. Let's start with the least likely.

Justin Barber

It's been a minute since we last saw Justin on The Bold and the Beautiful. To my memory, he'd been at Forrester Creations going over documents with Katie. He was working at the fashion firm after he betrayed his former best friend, Bill Spencer, and tried to take his company from his sons when he was imprisoned. There's been no word on whether or not he's still doing business with the Forresters, but he did pop up to hear Tom's set at Il Giardino.

His inclusion in this plot seems rather odd since he doesn't, as far as we know right now, have a connection to anyone in Tom's life. It's likely Justin was randomly there to hear some music and wound up bearing witness to someone's twisted plot.

Jack Finnegan

Jack, too, is oddly placed in this storyline but at least he plausibly has some kind of connection considering the Nozawa sisters were a part of his family for decades. It's unknown whether or not he knows Tom but, remember, Poppy did spend a lot of time at Li and Jack's house years ago. Perhaps she may have brought him up or Tom stopped by at one point. Poppy said Tom harassed her and sent her letters even after they broke up and she was determined to raise Luna on her own.

While I think it's a stretch to think that he might have poisoned Tom that doesn't mean that we might not be able to learn something from his presence during this whole debacle. Though it's possible that may focus on whatever Li may or may not have done.

Li Finnegan

Outside of it being Poppy after all, Li is our prime suspect. As a doctor, you would have thought she'd be the main one rushing to aid Tom after he collapsed but she went right on staring like the rest of the crowd. She didn't move a muscle or try to get closer, she simply sat and watched as help was frantically called for.

Earlier in the episode, it'd been clear that Li was looking for someone. Jack thought it strange that she was even at the event considering she's not one for live music. And, though they're exes whose marriage ended horribly, Jack did expect her to at least hold up some kind of conversation after he bought her a drink, but she was busy looking around.

At one point, Li took off and then came back. She, like Justin and Jack, even came into contact with Tom before he went to finish preparing for his set. It didn't look like they recognized each other but it's possible that was an act on Li's part. It's hard to believe for as much as Li knows about Poppy's life that she's not at least familiar with Tom even if they'd never met before. But if she did kill him, we don't know why she would do it especially through poison.

If she's the killer, could she have been protecting Poppy? Li would go above and beyond for her family. We saw that when she let people think her son, Finn, was dead so she could continue to nurse him back to health without interference. And, she was all for letting Sheila Carter die in the hospital when she started coding. It's totally plausible she'd kill someone, or at least assist if she gave something to her sister, in order to ensure that person doesn't jeopardize the future of someone she loves.

Now, you're probably wondering why Sheila isn't on this list. It's because she and Tom settled things between them. She has no motive for killing him at the moment. He assured her that he understood he needed to stop bringing up her past and speaking derogatorily about her to her husband, Deacon. Not to mention once he saw Poppy again, he quickly put aside any concerns he had about Sheila because he had bigger fish to fry.

Turns out, if the Nozawa sisters are responsible for his death, he probably should have tried his luck with working Sheila's last nerve because the most she'd do in this era of her life is fire him. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more news and coverage of this sizzling summer mystery.