Civil War age rating: Here's why the movie is rated R

Civil War from A24
Civil War from A24 /

This Friday, April 12, Civil War premieres in theaters. The dystopian action film, written and directed by Alex Garland, is one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2024, so to say we're excited to watch it is an understatement. Critics encouraged our hype for the movie after Civil War debuted at the South by Southwest festival, earning praise from critics.

The Second American Civil War is quickly unfolding. Civil War follows a team of brave military-embedded journalists who race against the clock to reach DC before rebel forces get to the president, first. The movie stars Kirsten Dunst, Cailee Spaeny, Wagner Moura, and Nick Offerman.

Civil War is promising to be an exciting dystopian-action feature, and with an amazing, talented cast. But it may not be a movie you watch with any young children. Each kid is different, though, and only you know them the best, so here's why Civil War is rated R. Check out the trailer to the upcoming movie, here:

Parents, listen up! Here's why Civil War is rated R

Civil War is rated R for strong violent content, bloody and disturbing images, and language throughout. For some parents, language is not too much of a problem, but sexual content and nudity are big no-nos even for older teens. And though Civil War does not have either, the rating makes it clear that it does feature violence and disturbing images. And this, if you ask me, is not for kids under the age of 17 to be watching.

The Parents Guide IMDb has published, shares that Civil War includes gunfights and executions, including methods of victims being set on fire alive. The graphic scenes also really detail the aftermath of violence.

On April 12, Civil War will open exclusively in theaters, meaning that you'll need to purchase movie tickets to your local theater if you want to watch the movie. If streaming is more of your thing (and with the cost of trips to the theater, we can't blame you) you'll need to wait a few months. Civil War will, indeed, go to a streamer after it leaves the big screen. And that platform is Max. As for when the movie will stream on Max, our best guess is in early August 2024, which is about 119 days after the premiere date, the average amount of time A24 productions take to reach Max. Of course, as soon as we have an official date, we'll update this post!