Devon gives Tucker an opening which could set Billy up to fail on Young and the Restless

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Devon treats Tucker with disdain on The Young and the Restless. Tucker was resigned to his apparent fate. Viewers increasingly see why the relentless drama at Chancellor-Winters ramped up this spring. One flashpoint needing resolution is Tucker's unexpected potential to reestablish trust with his alienated son.

Soapy grudge are generally a mix of reason and emotion. So, Devon is not wrong to be suspicious of his biological father's ability to negatively impact his life and Dominic's. But what moral measuring stick should be used to determine the length of time Tucker must remain in an eternal penalty box?

Enter Billy, stage right.

Billy Abbott does not deserve power?

While Devon consistently treats Tucker with contempt, Jill decided Billy was mature enough to hold half of Chancellor-Winter's power. Viewers may wonder if part of Devon's problem with Billy represents veiled jealousy, as their parental relationships significantly differ. 

No one has ever questioned the late John Abbott's positive reputation. Tucker not only pales in comparison to the strong father figure Neil Winters was, but he also can't hold a candle to who Billy's dad was.

Jill has wronged many people in her day, justifying her behavior in some ways that make her arguably comparable to Tucker. Devon does not like that Jill has gifted what was her role to Billy, who has yet to earn it. Of course, Devon's opinion of what he thinks Billy deserves is steeped in feelings that have nothing to do with the Abbott family but instead his own.

For his part, Tucker was contrite after Devon cut him off months ago. In the absence of Yolanda Harmony Hamilton, Tucker has taken the brunt of Devon's childhood angst that still resonates in his early middle-aged years.

He has been left believing that time offers the only possible solution. As is the case in daytime, specifically developed scenarios can allow a seemingly stuck character, like Tucker, to redeem himself or at least to have hope that he can.

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Devon had it hard on Young and the Restless but doesn't now

Enter Devon, stage left.

There is no question that Billy had a far easier childhood than Devon. But both men lost their fathers, meaning John Abbott and Neil. However, Billy could remind Devon that he has a second father, Tucker. Billy could be jealous of Devon's extra dad despite Tucker's limitations. 

Subjective history influences Devon and Billy in ways neither person may recognize or be willing to acknowledge. Regardless, Lily and Jill want Devon and Billy, respectively, to stop behaving unprofessionally toward each other because doing so has hampered the business.

Devon seems incapable of seeing who Billy is or believing he could change. Is that because he sees Tucker within him? Also, Devon seems unable to recognize that Billy's life has not been a full glide path, with Delia's tragic death forever underscoring that point.

Billy believes Devon's approach is too rigid and that their personality clash is his fault. However, he refuses to recognize that Devon protects his family's legacy and responds based on his life experience, not Billy's.

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Tucker McCall, like Jill Abbott, is driven

Tucker likes standing at center stage while making others believe he's not a director. Like Jill, he has a ruthless streak that likely emerged from a survival instinct. Devon's biological father and Billy's mother did not have life's every advantage. Instead, Tucker and Jill had to work for what they got or took. Their approach to life creates natural responses.

Devon and Billy are forced to work together at this point in the plot. Both people reject not having a choice. Each person is attempting to play what Tucker termed a long game to oust the other from the company.

Jill has taken herself out of action by ceding day-to-day power to Billy. Tucker wants in on the action, asking Devon to let him take out Billy. Devon's willingness to seek information from Tucker about his plan with Mamie and listen to the strategy to deal with Billy was telling. Devon has not cut Tucker off.

Bryton James' character sidelined Tucker and now appears positioned to allow him to play dirty corporate ball. The endgame is Billy being out. Whether Devon will be willing to let Tucker in, no matter what happens with Billy, is intriguing.


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