Does Apple TV+ finally have a sci-fi hit with Constellation? (Spoiler: Yes!)

Looking for a new sci-fi thriller series? Apple TV+ may have what you seek with its new series, Constellation.

Constellation -- Courtesy of Apple
Constellation -- Courtesy of Apple /

When it comes to the world of streaming, we all know that Netflix and Hulu take the cake as far as the amount of content they each have to offer. But here at Hidden Remote, we believe in quality over quantity, wouldn't you agree? That said, Apple TV+ is one of our favorite streamers. However, we'll be the first to admit that not all of its shows are hits. Particularly, the platform struggles in the sci-fi department (excluding Severance).

As much as I tried, I simply could not get into For All Mankind or Foundation on Apple TV+. But I was excited to watch Invasion. The first several episodes are great, but then, at least in my opinion, it loses momentum. By the second season, the story seemed to not be going anywhere. I lost interest and have yet to finish watching season 2. Apple TV+ announced the series will be back for a third season, and I will more than likely not be watching. But I have not given up hope!

Constellation is another sci-fi on the streamer that I quickly checked out. I'm happy to report that we've got a good one here, folks! If you're a fan of the sci-fi/alien/mystery genre, I recommend giving Constellation a try.

Constellation on Apple TV+ /

Constellation shines thanks to Noomi Rapace

The brilliant Noomi Rapace stars as Jo, an astronaut who works at the International Space Station. After a tragedy that leaves Jo as the only survivor, Jo returns home, but things are not how they used to be. Important pieces of Jo's life have changed, at least from what she remembers. Viewers are glued to their seats as the mystery of what truly happened at the station unravels.

Constellation also stars Jonathan Banks and James D'Arcy. Both actors are scene stealers, but no one can take the light from Noomi Rapace.

Constellation on Apple TV+ /

Constellation episode schedule

The series consists of eight episodes, three of which are now available to stream on the Apple TV+ platform. The remaining five episodes will drop weekly, following the schedule below:

  • Episode 1 is titled "The Wounded Angel" and premiered Feb. 21
  • Episode 2 is titled "Live and Let Die" and premiered Feb. 21
  • Episode 3 is titled "Somewhere in Space Hangs My Heart" and premiered Feb. 21
  • Episode 4 is titled "The Left Hand of God" and will stream on Feb. 28
  • Episode 5 will stream March 6
  • Episode 6 will stream March 13
  • Episode 7 will stream March 20
  • Episode 8 (the season 1 finale) will stream March 27

As you can see, the episode titled to episodes 5-8 have not yet been revealed. Once they do, I'll be sure to update this post! In the meantime, save the other dates so you don't miss out!