Don't Worry Darling and the 3 best Florence Pugh movies to watch (and 2 to skip)

"Dune: Part Two" World Premiere - Arrivals
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Whenever we see Florence Pugh on the screen, we already know that the film is going to include some of the best acting we've ever seen in our lives.

At just the young age of 28, Pugh has gone on to become a household name so great that the very best Hollywood directors always have a place for her in their films. She then takes those roles and brings them to life in a way that we seldom see. It's because of this that we truly believe that Florence Pugh is a movie star.

Pugh is only going to become more and more of a big name, so it's a good time to learn all about her best films and where you can stream them!

Florence Pugh's best movies

Don't Worry Darling

Where to stream: Max

Although Don't Worry Darling was met with plenty of overwhelmingly negative reviews, we thought that the film was still really decent in terms of the acting and performances put on by everyone, especially Florence Pugh who starred as our protagonist, Alice Chambers.

In the 2022 film, Alice is a housewife who seemingly lives a perfect life. However, one day she starts to notice that things aren't always as perfect as she thought they were. Slowly, she starts unraveling the truth behind this society she thought had everything she wanted, and when she uncovers the truth she must escape before it's too late.

See all this and more in the official trailer for Don't Worry Darling here before streaming the film on Max.

Little Women (2018)

Where to stream: Starz

There have been many remakes of Little Women and every single one of the remakes is amazing in their own right. Even so, there's something so heartbreaking and beautiful about the 2018 installment featuring our girl Florence Pugh.

Pugh completely understood the complexity of Amy March, a character who is crazy in love with someone who is crazy in love with her sister. Amy had to decide whose feelings she would prioritize: her crush, Laurie, her older sister, Jo, or herself. No matter what she decided, though, she would hurt someone.

Although there were many remakes and may be many more to come, we believe that no one could ever portray Amy March better than Florence Pugh ever again.

Midsommar (2019)

Where to stream: Max

Undoubtedly, Midsommar is one of our favorite Florence Pugh films of all time!

Between the horror of watching her character, Dani, slowly descend into madness and the pleasantness of watching Dani finally find her community, there's not a doubt in our minds that Pugh took the script she was given and turned it into something so brilliant that only she could pull it off. What's more, Pugh seems to have understood this character extremely well and conveyed that through subtle facial expressions and body language.

All this to say, Pugh studies her characters very well and every time she does, it pays off for not only the audience but for herself as well.

Oppenheimer (2023)

Where to stream: Peacock

Oppenheimer is Florence Pugh's latest film. It's a movie that is currently sweeping at any and every award ceremony, as it was yet another Christopher Nolan masterpiece.

The film was so well-made and had such an incredible ensemble that it's looking very possible that it may take home the Academy Award for Best Picture of the Year. Of course, we can thank Cillian Murphy for such an incredible display of talent. But Florence Pugh also shined as Jean Tatlock, a brilliant psychiatrist who Oppenheimer is drawn to once they meet.

Undoubtedly,Oppenheimer will propel Pugh to the next stage of her career and we can't wait to see what that looks like.

Florence Pugh movies to skip

Regardless of the movie, we believe that Florence Pugh's acting resume is a force to be reckoned with. Still, there are a few titles that aren't must-sees. Case in point, Black Widow.

Black Widow (2021)

Where to stream: Disney+

Black Widow was a movie released during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it, unfortunately, didn't get as much of the attention that it should've received. However, reception and audience views aside, we just don't think Marvel movies capture a true movie star's talent.

Marvel movies tend to be very overproduced and sometimes, take away from the authenticity that comes with being present in the moment. Pugh was nice to see in the film, but it's easy to see how in some moments she did suffer from not being allowed to go deeper into the material.

By no means is Black Widow a bad film. We just think that there are many ways it could've been better for all involved, especially Florence Pugh.

A Good Person (2023)

Where to stream: MGM+

Like Black Widow, we have nothing against Zach Braff's film, A Good Person.

We think the 2023 film is a nice feel-good movie that will leave you feeling empowered to do something good for that one person who may be having a rough time in life or just a random stranger you see on the streets. Also, the film had none other than Morgan Freeman in it, which is a pretty impressive feat.

Even so, the movie, in our eyes, is just too easy to forget when you remember all of the stunning films Florence Pugh has been in and will be in.

For example, Dune: Part Two is another one of Pugh's latest films. Here, she shows us that she is even good at playing characters set in a sci-fi fantasy world. Here, she shows us that genre is nothing but a word to her. Here, she shows us that she is nothing other than a true movie star.

A Good Person is a nice watch after you finish watching all the films in Pugh's resume. But by no means is it a film you need to rush to see as soon as possible.

Maybe you'll feel differently about our list after giving all of Florence Pugh's titles a watch yourself. The only way to find out is by heading to the streaming platforms and seeing Pugh shine on your screen! Until then, we'll see you on the next Florence Pugh film we cover!